We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Saskia Dulyea USA
Katherine R Cowdrey USA
Kratom is an amazing, all natural pain reliever. I am a chronic pain patient with anxiety and Kratom manages my symptoms and I have no need for opiates or benzos. I am drug free and living a normal happy life thanks to Kratom!
'Kevin D Nederland
Are you all seriously trying to ban every single herb that contains alkaloids or other ''active'' ingredients you can't make a profit on? Don't ban anything simply because it ''does something''! Thousands of people die from Alcohol and Tobacco every year!
Justin Garner United States of America
Please continue to allow access to this herb. I have seen it benefit anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia, as well as, aiding in stopping alcohol, tobacco and opiate abuse.
Kristopher Shook  
Evan Stanley United States
Vanessa Ebrite USA
Kratom has allowed me to be narcotic free, when little over a year ago I was taking prescribed 10mg Percocet four times a day! Saved my life.
massimo tosco costa rica
Cody Eveland U.S.A.
Paul Wilkinson  
Brian Barr USA
Berk Ozel United States
Lisa Mangini United States
Please make sure kratom remains a legal substance. I have many friends and colleagues who suffer from chronic pain and mild depression, and we need more natural alternatives to address these medical conditions.
Jackie M. Cogswell USA
Peter B. Cogswell USA
My wife and I both experienced addiction. I was addicted to heroin, and she was a daily heavy user of alcohol. We have both experienced relief of symptoms of withdrawl from these substances, reduced cravings, and successfully extricated ourselves from our addictions with the use of mytragyna speciosa. We have consumed it daily most of the time for the past 2-3 years and can speak from personal experience that neither of us have EVER experienced any withdrawl symptoms when we do not consume it, and all that happens if either of us consumes too much is that we get tired and want to lay down.
This plant is harmless, and the benefit is uncanny. People need to have access to it.
ronron Pilipinas
Putang ina, papatayin ko ang mag baban sa kratom! Mga inutil ang gobyerno ng putang inang mundong to!!! Mga gago kayu!
Brandon M. Langston USA
Helps me get to sleep easier at night because my body and mind are relaxed. Safer than all those sleeping pills and a lot more effective. If my doctor and I believe I can take this safely, then you shouldn't be able to tell me I can't!
Michael Johnson USA
helped me through physical therapy after a car accident.
Patrck James Reiss  
JulieAnn Decker United States
This is helping people! Why do the things that help us always have to get taken away! If people for once could just be open minded and selfless, they would be able to see that this world's set up is twisted. Money isn't the answer, lets help someone!
Priscilla DAngelantonio United States
This plant is working for people, and including addiction. This is another thing that this country wants to take away from us. And why? Because of money and because it works. Why can't we just once get treated like humans rather then #'s.
Nathan William Herrigstad usa
Jeff McNaughton Canada
Yet another attack against the precious gifts of the natural world by the synthetic poisonous pharmaceutical companies. So pathetic and predictable!!
Richard Davis United States
If the powers that be make this illegal, might as well make coffee a crime to drink.
Joshua Daniel Gutierrez United States
Kratom saved my life.
Alexander Barringer  
dawn adkins usa
Jonathathan James Walsh United states
kratom sureley is not a drug! Anybody thats done drugs can attest to this. I take kratom in the morning just like I used to with coffee cause it wakes me up and gives me the energy I need to start the day. I do not get "all ficked up" on it like all the
Gerald Wall USA
Please keep kratom Legal. I am in the Medical Profession and really feel that Kratom should be kept legal.Many of my patients are dealing with pain and depression.
ben duerksen usa
My Kratom experience has been wholly positive and beneficial. It is good medicine, not a dirty drug!
Michael Pogorzelski USA
Kratom has helped me deal with my severe depression for these past years, without having to succomb to the horrible and unaffordable state of US healthcare and relying on anti-deppresants which seem to be messing without our natural qualities as humans.
Shannon Wright USA
I have severely painful arthritis in my neck which frequently cripples me to the point that I can't sit up or turn my head. Kratom provides me with just enough relief that I can stand and make food for myself. Please do not take away this beneficial herb.
Erin Williamson USA
Kratom helps many people. Certain people may abuse it but no more so than alcohol. I feel alcohol has worse effects.
Leanne Harding Australia
There are so many pharmaceutical drugs that are so much worse with terrible side effects.
Jason Romanowski United States
Before kratom, I was suicidal and suffering from over 10 mental illnesses and intestinal diseases. I wanted to die. All of my life before kratom was suffering. Kratom is the only reason I am here today and positively contributing to society.
devin markiis US
kratom is so much safer than its pharmaceutical counterparts. God gave humans the plants, not pills.
Ace Shelby USA
I have taken Kratom on and off for years with no negative side effects.
Lee trehearn UK
You cannot put kratom in the same group as all dangerous synthetic
Drugs sold in head shops!! It is not dangerous, it is a brilliant plant that helps millions of people around the world!! Please government, don't put this wonderful herb in with bath salt
Jack Cosatto Australia
Herbs Heal
Mary Joe Hall United States of America
Kratom is a plant that God created to help a person's general well being, including mine. It hasn't been proven harmful, and possibly one day could be considered a medication after further evaluation to help a person relax.
andrew smith usa
kratom helped me with anxiety and my addiction to loratabs
willie spear US
Keep kratom legal in the U.S.
Jordan Harley Australia
Nature should not be illegal!!
Andrea Cooper United States
Nathaniel Cooper United States
Kratom has allowed me to sustain a better quality of life. Keeps me from needing to take very strong addictive medications from the doctor.
micky rozendaa netherlands
kratom really helps me to overcome my chronic pain during the cure of cancer i go through everyday. please do not ban this harmless painkiller
James Scott Scotland, UK
Banning Kratom will only serve to turn people towards more dangerous pharmacutical opiates etc. Regardless of what is officially recognised, Kratom does have beneficial medical applications such as relief from pain and social anxiety.
Ralph Famularo Japan
Zack Berrong USA
Greg papworth Australia
Please do NOT BAN THIS HERB,to many people are getting addicted from far worse pain medications eg;"OXYCONTIN",Kratom offers some help to those people unfortunately my Country has banned this wonderful plant please don't follow help save herbs not BAN
look at all the benefits that this plant provides for the human being and compare it to the number of pharmaceuticals that it would take to match ALL the various forms of treatments that it can provide for...AND ALL WITH ZERO TO VERY MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS.
Felicity Wardle Australia
Tiffany Lee Zoumer United States
Sarah Russo USA
This plant has done wonders for me and others in my life. It needs to remain accessible to the people.
bill kalleward usa
i dont know why anybody would call this a legal high, its basically coffee but quite a bit better. i've taken daily for 2 years and have had no negative side effects.
Jakob Toews Canada
Ariel Johnson United States
Michael Aquitato United States
Michael Walden United States
I use kratom often for back pain (got hit by a car) Healthcare doesn't really fit in my ratio currently (based on all of the issues pending currently) so I find it's a good cure for my pain.
Megan Reis  
Alix Charles Canada
I had surgery done recently, and didn't want to take the morphine, codeine, and oxy they wanted to give me. Kratom did the trick!! THANK YOU NATURE!
nikkea takagi usa
Lora Coon Mahr usa
Nick guzzardo USA
Eric McCarter  
kylie anyce bearden usa
stop keeping us from good health!!! We don't want to be addicted to pharmaceuticals anymore!!!
Richard Hartnell USA
Drug prohibition is idiotic. It didn't work for alcohol and it doesn't work for anything else. Stop it.
Megan Hagberg United States of America
Amber Hagberg United States of America
Cynthia sipe United states of America
Jordan Holl  
kara pezzimenti usa
Joseph Vella United States
michael abadie  
Christopher Spencer United States
a wonderful plant!
Alycia Betts  
jenny karns  
Hailey Getchell USA
Cole Chadwick USA
Donna Gall United States
Jenna Jones  
rebecca silber united states
James Fredrickson USA
Shannon Loucks US
Lindsey Brooks united states
Kim Gay united states
It comes from the earth, keep it legal!
Andrew Shugart Usa
Kortney Bewley USA
Sahil Mehta USA
Kratom is a great alternative to pain management for those who prefer to explore more holistic options. Banning of it would take the power of treatment out of the people and give even more power to the pharmaceutical industry. Please maintain the balance.
Greg Moores  
brent edwards usa
Ava Stavros United States
David Maffett United States
A plant; just like an idea, a faith, or a book, is sacred and should never be legislated.
Mr. Robin Largent USA
keep it legal
Brandi Burnett United States
Tiana Zoumer US
Kratom is a medicinal plant. You cannot take what is a natural right. Education is required, not restriction.
Sarah Jystad USA
Kratom has proven itself to be an amazing energy supplement & an effective pain relief alternative. It is much easier on the nervous system, liver & kidneys than coffee, prescription & over-the-counter painkillers, which are LEGAL.As Kratom should remain!
Lauren Malone United States
Kayla Molander  
Shane Christopher Davis United States
Leave it alone! Government needs to realize life is pretty crappy. They need to worry about real problems, maybe our economy. I could write a lot more, but I'm just a another number here in the United States.
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