We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Anthony Padilla US
Kratoms a very mild relaxing medicinal herb like kava kava. It does not make you high. Research chemical vendors which produce harmful designer substances sell kratom for sole profit. Kratom is nothing like those other things.
Martin H. Campbell IV United States
This is more than a viable alternative for those living in chronic pain. I have a very dear and loved soul who could benefit from this herb. It can help her to regain control of her life and live as we are all meant to.
Vincent Capone United States
If it's a natural herb, then I am all for it.
Especially if it will help people feel better.
I for one suffer fom chronic back pain, unfortunetly I don't want to take narcotics.!
Can't wait to try this Kratom.
Benjamin A. Murray United States of America
Keep Mother Nature Legal or she will surely abolish us.
Steven Rockafellow United States
Kratom is good for you
Jeremy Nickle USA
Keep it legal.
Melanie C LeFur United States
Kratom is very helpful for my migraines, and no toxic effects for my liver and kidneys! Please keep it legal.
Kenneth Jernigan USA
Keep this herb legal!
Riley Johnson USA
good stuff, keep legal.
joshua hawkins USA
its only a good thing
Andrea Tuchawena America
Kratom is the answer to the out of control pain pill epidemic that plagues the world. I have friends who have become FREE from narcotics in a matter of days without any withdrawl, any need for a prescription, Rehab, or any costly Dr. Appts. PLEASE I am begging you, keep this tree legal and available to those it is helping. Otherwise you will continue to see people robbing the local pharmacy to get their pain pill addiction fed. Thankyou
Rebecca Forthman United States
This plant is not "sinister" nor a threat. It helped me get off prescribed narcotics. It is RIDICULOUS that the D.E.A is trying to make this plant Illegal. This plant has HUGE medicinal value and potential to help people with pain management and narcotic withdrawl. Making it illegal will just create an under ground market for it. More medical research should be done before it is compared to be equal to crack, meth and bath salts!It is not the "New Scourge" and I never experienced 1 side effect or withdrawl from it. God forbid we find something that makes quality of life better without destroying our liver or other horrible man made pharm. effects. Job security for the D.E.A. eh fellas? By the people for the people.
Sam Porter USA
Kratom is very beneficial in helping treat my ADHD and chronic pain, i can't imagine it being harmful enough to be illegalized, i prefer to treat my ailments with natural remedies instead of dangerous drugs, please keep kratom legal!
Lisa A Lloyd USA
It is rediculas to make plants that grow naturally illegal.
Deb Edgerly US
As a fibromyalgia sufferer we need to have the right to help ourselves when we are in pain. Gov control has already given me countless days of sever pain....
SuAnne L. McCollum United States
Kratom enabled me to stop "needing" pain meds. It is gentle and I believe way less harmful for the kidneys and liver. I am thankful to have this alternative to strong addictive prescription pain medications. SuAnne McColluj
Joshua C Aders USA
kratom is completely safe, i have been using kratom for years with no adverse effects. Ive had no problems with it at all. It has been very helpful for me and many of my friends
James David Scianno USA
Kratoms track record speaks for itself. Safe, safe, and safe.
Drew Morone USA
Laws regulating natural remedies are clearly meant to favor the pharmaceutical killing machine.
David Anthony Sims USA
Kratom is not a drug, its an herb!
brandon callaway united states
the government control is getting way out of hand
Jason Wilson USA
This is simply an herbal supplement that is similar to kava kava. That would be ridiculous to ban this.
Jonathan Grose USA
Kratom is an plant with great medical and healthy benefits. Since it is a natural herb that originates from a plant, it falls under the DSHEA of the FDA rules making it a legal dietary supplement and should not be banned.
Shawn M Mahoney United States
As a person of Anthropological and Entheobiological interests. I feel this plant should remain, freely available for study,and traditional use.
Shawn Mahoney
Karen Vealey United States
Keep it legal. It helps so many people in such a variety of ways.
brittney ortiz United States
I suffer from chronic migraines, and anxiety. Kratom has dramatically changed my life, I would be miserable without it.
Kirby Heffernan USA
This is a joke that they would even propose a ban anywhere on this tree.
Salma Ataullahjan Canada
We need to keep plants like this legal.
Rachel Bedard Canada
If you ban this "tree" everyone will just grow their own. Its just that easy to do! stock up on seeds folks, if a ban is placed on this tree then make it found everywhere!
Dylan Leavitt Canada
Kratom has been a life saver, I was dependent on Opiate and benzo combinations to keep vicious migraines at ease. Once I was introduced to this plant I was able to slowly taper off the doctor prescribed pills and only use this plant!
Amalesh Yatri Parajuli U.S.A./Nepal
I take Kratom for back pain, mild depression and anxiety. It is extremely effective and a much healthier alternative to common prescription opiates. Please keep this valuable plant resource available for those who need it now and those to come.
Mariusz Piskorz United Kingdom
I use Kratom for pain relief from back pain and headaches. A natural leaf, with no negatives side effects!
Ryan J. McDonell US
This has been the only effective pain reliever I've come across during the years of chronic neck and back pain, please do not ban this tree.
David McColm United States
For too long, the FDA and AMA have allowed big Pharma to hold the sick and suffering of our nation hostage to the repetitious expense of LESS THAN EFFECTIVE "Pain Killers", with numerous side-effects like addiction and possible death from overdose.
steven c pye II USA
keep Kratom legal.
Jared Minty Canada
I have friends that have kicked severe long term opiate addictions with this plant! Keep it legal. It helps!
kimberly thomas-tague USA
I have been taking Kratom for 1 year for Fibromyalgia pain. I have been able to discontinue multiple pain killers which had been causing many unwanted side effects. Without Kratom, I would have no alternative but to go back to these harmful pain drugs.
Gary Bourgeois Canada
I have found Kratom to be a very safe and effective natural alternative to other painkillers. In my experience Kratom is non addictive and has no withdrawal symptoms, unlike other legally prescribed medications such as codeine and other opiate based drugs
Randy Bernacki United States
Kratom is such a wonderful and beneficial herb, it has helped me through depression and cured my anxiety.
Rachel Calice United States
Kratom isn't crack, meth, heroin, opium, or any other life destroying, personality altering, impetus to knock some old lady over the head for her purse substance.
James Gardner United States
Kratom is beneficial to thousands of people with a variety of problems
John Woodin Canada
I use Kratom for pain relief from back pain and headaches. A natural leaf, with no negatives side effects!
Tyson James Ruth United States of America
Kratom is a truly benign substance with no addictive tendencies yet proven factually. Far more destructive to society are the multitudes of socially acceptable substances such as alcohol, tobacco, SSRI uptake drugs, coffee, caffeine, and benzodiazepines.
Marisol Silva United States
Keep it legal!!! Ban modern medicine it's killing us off slowly!!
Washington luis brasil
It is a very beneficial herb with medicinal properties that have no side effects or health hazards.
John Boyd USA
Safe natural herbal product. After having my liver checked, it seems to have helped. I had liver problems before using Kratom, but now my doctor tells me its all clear.
Graham Fraser Canada
A safe, all natural alternative to the harder and heavily addictive pharmaceutical options for stress, depression, and pain.
Katha Teed Canada
I had sleep disorder for 15 years. I worked as a painter in the Film Industry doing physical labour for 10 hrs a day and I struggled by on 3 to 4 hrs sleep a night. I discovered Kratom Tea and the first time using it I slept for 8 hrs. I brew a pot of Kratom Tea each night and I can now sleep.
If you or anyone you know has suffered from sleep disorder you will understand how life changing this is. It has improved all aspects of my life. This is a very important medicinal plant that must be made readily available to all.
Nick Ten Canada
Best natural pain reliever out there!
Daniel Cleland Canada
Kratom is a plant that allows me to enjoy a mildly altered state without consuming poisonous chemicals like alcohol or pharmaceuticals.
Michael Gorczynski Belgium
Great herb that subtly makes me feel good; awesome option people should know about!
Chasen Kukuda United States of America
Keep Kratom Legal!!!!
Shannon Hawkey Canada
ANY plant that is of use to ANYONE for medical puposes should always be kept legal. It is sad times when milk, hemp, vitamins, and minerals are illegal, and booze, cigarettes, and prescription drugs that kill thousands a year is made legal! The people are on to your game, and ready to beat you at it!!!
Byron J Habich USA
Kratom saved me from Heroin addiction, I have a chronic cough since being a child that NOTHING helps, Kratom stops it. It motivates me. Kratom has been a miracle to me. Save my medicine.
Toby Oliver UK
Kratom has helped me immensely where other conventional therapies and medications have failed. Criminalising this herb would be counterproductive, absurd and deeply immoral. Efforts should be made to understand Kratom, not blithely ban it.
Rosette Wade United States
It is an all natural herb that helps many illnesses and people, why would you try to take that option away from people?!
Doreen Drapal United States
I discovered Kratom by looking for alternative therapies for irritable bowel syndrome, something I have suffered with for the past three years. I tried many herbal, prescription and diet related therapies for it without any relief. For three years due to a difficult situation this condidtion persisted, and I was unable to leave my home in the early am hours, due to pain and many trips to the bathroom. I am an RN and work the night shift at a local hosptial. I was being prescribed narcotics, which worked but left me feeling depleated, tired and off. I tried Kratom about 6 months ago, and have had very few irritable bowel attacks. I now have started to go back to the gym, and the terrible depression that accompained it, has been lifted a bit. I do not drink alcohol or use anything other than vitamins, or other herbs such as valerian for sleep. Kratom has been a god send to me. As a healthcare provider, I can say I would definately recommend Kratom to others for various conditions without fear it would harm them. My hope is to become a holistic health care practioner, and without this herb being available I can say it would be a terrible loss to those it could help.
Jeremy V Washburn United States
Very subtle and relaxing product used for sleeping or relaxation of stress related issues. Amazing alternative to commonly used products you can get through prescription that are much more addictive and harsh on the body. - Jeremy W
joshua hinson United States
kratom is an amazing herb with multiple medicinal purposes it helps my anxiety and depression plus i have chronic back pain and i take it for that as well its an amazing herb.
Bliss May USA
Kratom is a good for the body. It is not something you get high from.
Jacob Melton U.S.A
My doctor perscribed me zoloft to help with my depression, but it did the exact oppisite. I recently found Kratom, and it signifigantly helps with my depression.
Michelle Regnier U.S.A.
kratom is a natural legal product hat is in no way a. drug as pharmaceuticals would like it to be so they can make mney off it.....people do not want to use drugs if they do not have to and if there is something that is a nutritional supplement keei legal
Wouter Bijdendijk Netheralnds
Please keep kratom legal. It helps a lot o people to relax.
Jessica K. Gerner United Sates
Keep Kratom legal
James Hamill United States
Kratom has only helped me. It has ONLY been beneficial. It is not addicting and offers nothing but positive to my life.
Matt Burnette USA

Kratom should not only be legal, but should be used by Doctors, herbologists and all sorts of those in the medical field.
Rickey Lee Harrell II USA
this miracle of nature has helped me quit prescription pain pills and helped my depression,Banning this plant would be an act of pure uneducated ignorance..
deva reed united states
Kratom is a much better alternative than the man made pharmaceutical drugs and a lot less expensive for those who have no health insurance.
Thuy Nguyen Thac Vietnam
I approve this wonderful herbs because it is used for so many long time as a cure to many illness in my home Vietnam
Devin Dulkie USA
This natural plant has helped me with chronic pain due to a medical issue; because of Kratom I have been able to quit dangerous mediacations my doctor was prescribing. Kratom is just as effective and much safer than many RX pain relievers available today.
Richard Ragone United States
It would be irresponsible to make this useful and harmless substance illegal due to misinformation and fear mongering.
Jarred Morris USA
To make kratom an illegal drug, is to ignore common sense and hard medical facts
Kimberly R. Kendziora United States
Natural relief from pain, no side effects, same family as the coffee tree, natural. There is no high from this. Why would you take this away? Research. How many people die from prescription drugs a year? How many people die from Kratom? RESEARCH!
Maryann Elizabeth Muszynski USA
Why would you take something that is natrual away from people that it helps?
Matasov Oleksandr Ukraine
It's one of the most side-effects-free medicine for painkilling. Please keep legal.
Chris Valenti US
Kratom has helped me stay off of pain meds, and lower my blood pressure.
Gabriel Pernas united states
Kratom is a gentle plant that has help me stop taking psycoactive drugs for my depresion. Please do not ban it without fully reasearching it.
josiah moss United States
We need alternatives from prescriptions with bad side effects.
Judge Jorgensen USA
Kratom should not only be legal, but should be used by Doctors, herbologists and all sorts of those in the medical field.
Rexanne Henricksen USA
I have had twelve serious surgeries, the first when I was only 26. I have been given every drug imaginable. When my insurance ran out and I could not psy BIG PHARMO I had to turn to illegal drugs. I am taking Kratom now. When it works I'll let you know!!
Jack Welsh USA
Anyone who would consider banning Kratom should spend at least a few minutes to learn from all of the people who's quality of life is being greatly improved because of this safe, natural, organic plant that improves their health and relieves chronic pain.
Matthew Hiatt USA
Making kratom illegal will only guarantee more prisoners, ruined lives and absolutely no drop in the use of the plant, it just ensures that drug cartels will have one more thing to make a dollar.
keith seebeck usa
After years of pain meds for a neck injury, this herb has helped me immensely. One of Gods great gifts to mankind and man is the threat as always.
Jason Prime USA
Any law prohibiting the free use of kratom would be unjust to the overwhelmingly responsible users who consume it for legitimate reasons.
Eric Ivanoff United States
Please keep this plant free and available for those who can't afford expensive pharmaceuticals from big money drug companies.
Mike Press USA
it works
Sara Block United States
It is one natural remedy that I feel is safer than other alternatives.
Jeremy Stein United States
The whole herb is a boon for all sorts of symptoms without causing anymore side effects than some over the counter drugs.
Spencer William United States
Please do not ban Kratom, It has been a life changer for me. Since I have Aspergers, which is part of the Autism spectrum disorder, Kratom has saved my life. I can finally go to school without having a anxiety attack.
john lynn united states
Please do not make this very natural benificial herb illegal. I have been using Kratom for pain with great sucess, since Oxycodone and other script pain meds have done nothing but make me sick.
Please support the people and not big pharma.
Adam Charles Davis United Kingdom
its great
Tony Young USA
It is a very beneficial herb with medicinal properties that have no side effects or health hazards.
Hank Schwartz USA
Amazing and wonderful plant, a far better alternative then what big Pharma offers for stress, depression, insomnia, and mild pain. it truely is a miracle.
Christopher Pace usa
Please protect this amazing plant!
Steven Mills United States
Kratom is no doubt, a more favorable option than opiate/opioid pain-killers. Please, do not deny so many people a chance to be free - just because a few people abuse their freedoms. Please listen to the people that know this plant well.
Christina Wallau Switzerland
keep all natural substances legal
Matthew Baumann Canada
Kratom is a sacred herb and those who use it always research it first.
Tim Howell USA
Krtaom has helped resolve pain issues that doctors would only perscribe narcotics for. It has allowed me to stay productive without having to rely on narcotics and all of the side effects that come along with them.
Laurie Pierson United States
Please please keep this wonderful gift of nature legal.
Leah Perrins UK
Kratom helped me withdraw from opiates. I also use it for pain relief instead of turning back to opiates. Banning Kratom without research is ignorant & stupid. Authorities should not take away our rights to self medicate whilst causing no harm to others.
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