We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Russell Humphrey USA
With Kratoms' benefits far outweighing harm to society (none), who is behind this proposed ban????
We are just average people trying to better our lives - we benefit from Kratom. We can't hire lobbyist.
Who benefits from a ban? Eli Lilly etc.?
andre blalack US
Keep it Legal!
Leigh Smith USA
I have five bulging discs in my neck and degeneration in a disc in my lower back from a previous back surgery. I am in constant pain. Kratom, however, has minimized my pain to the point of being manageable. Nothing else has helped as much as Kratom.
Timothy Vaccarelli USA
Such a benign and beneficial plant like kratom does not deserve the negative reputation it's getting due to a few drug dealers trying to make a quick buck. Please learn about the things you want to legislate and control before you decide to do something.
Jerry Jon Fletcher II USA
Just do the research 1st PLEASE
Alan Williams USA
As an emergency physician, I see the harmful effects of many synthetic substances, such as amphetamines and amphetamine derivatives like so-called "bath salts." Kratom is a benign natural herb with real medicinal value, and while it may have some addictive potential in a minority of people with addictive personalities (as does alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and high fructose corn syrup); kratom has not been linked with any reported deaths, medical illness or serious withdrawal (unlike alcohol, tobacco, high fructose corn syrup, and even Tylenol). Banning natural remedies and plants is a slippery slope, and testament to our society's disconnect with the Earth. We have no right to tell people what they can or cannot put into their bodies, as long as they are not harming anyone else or engaging in behaviors that are clearly destructive for a majority of people.
James Sullivan USA
"I've found it is the best bipolar medication that works and works well without lobotomizing me like the traditional, and highly toxic alternative, lithium."
It is also the best thing I have found for my ADD/ADHD bar none. It is much better than the amphetamine based drugs my doctors are constantly trying to keep me on/addicted to. I could go on and on about the many uses of this plant.
Edward Joyce, Jr USA
Kratom has literally saved my life..I was addicted to pain pills due to a surgery I had. They were prescribed, I wasnt getting them from the streets. When I was healed, I could not stop taking them without being deadly sick. They controlled my life..then I discovered Kratom. Kratom helped me totally QUIT pain meds. I have been sober for over a year and a half now. If it wasnt for this sacred herb, I may be dead or in prison. This is a 100% TRUE STORY!
Alexander Griffin Smith USA
There is no reason for a plant such as this, which is not incapacitating in any classical sense to be made illegal.

Alcohol is purely recreational and remains legal in status worldwide, but is related to more violence and social issues than kratom.
Jonathan William United States of America
Kratom is a highly useful and beneficial therapeutic herb that in natural and unconcentrated amounts (i.e.: Fresh leaf or powder) does not have any negative effects on the physiology. Kratom discourages consupmtion of alcohol. The active compound - mitragynine; is a pain reliever and potential wholistic alternative to expensive, and overly powerful, highly addictive painkillers and opiates which are heavily abused today. Those with chronic pain would benefit greatly from knowlege of this plant. It also has stimulant properties similar to its relative, the coffee plant, yet simultaneously counteracts anxiety. The kratom plant is also very safe to use. It has no dangerous effects or realistic potential for overdose. Comparing such a plant to substances like 'bath salts' is incredulous. In a world where where powerful synthetic drugs are accepted and allowed into the public sphere (with no doubts as to their imminent abuse) mild wholistic forms and unadulterated plants should not only remain legal but be emraced as medicines and allies rather than 'narcotics.'
judith pogue US
I use kratom for painful arthritis as opposed to hydrocodone which my doctor prescribes
Zachary Kaiser United States
Kratom is as harmless as coffee. Lets do the research before any rash decisions are made.
Nina Miller USA
My boyfriend is a pill addict and this is a natural alternative for him, it is nothing like spice or bath salt and it has helped a lot of people to feel better naturally.
Dustin Ogilvie USA
This is about a lot more than just some plant that makes you feel nice. This is the first step in a stand to let the government know that they cannot control a plant that we are connected to by Mother Earth.
Michael Crisp USA
seriously? this is getting ridiculous. Stop making everything that you hear "will get you high" illegal. This is a plant, with medicinal qualities and many uses, not a dangerous drug that can destroy lives. Why are our legislators so god damn ignorant
Christopher Renaud USA
keep kratom legal! its a plant that helps many! not a drug!
Blakeley Caitlin Perkins Usa
Please keep Kratom legal It helps many people every day without the use of harmful synthetic drugs for pain and illness It is very safe and not habit forming There are so many more things that need to be done away with that are killing people
Kevin Page us
This is unbelievable, Kratom does not even fit the description of a drug.Poinsettias would kill a man let start by banning them.
Michael Harrell usa
Kratom is as safe as a cup of coffee.
Ken Bower usa
I use Kratom for pain rather than perscribed pills
Eugene Harrell usa
Kratom is as harmless as a cup of coffee, hence the family it comes from.
William King United States of America
Bobby Dorgan USA
Kratom is an all natural substance like coffee... People from certain cultures make tea out of it.
Elliott Carl Johnson United States
I wish lawmakers would start using their heads. It's not worth making another substance illegal, and then dealing with another minor black market; especially for a plant that poses no threat to society at all but serves many therapeutic purposes.
Theodore Tucci USA
This is an Outrage, every single time the Legislative branch decided to banned substance they always end up banning a substance they know little about. I have no idea who they represent but they ought to being representing The People!
sean chrisman USA
Lawmakers pushing people back to prescription painkillers that kill thousands and away from a safe alternative.
Robert T. United States
I was once addicted to opiate pain medications and saw no end in sight. I have been clean from any opiate pain meds for quite some time now thanks to kratom. Kratom has not caused me any ill side effects or withdrawls. I do not have to use it everyday.
Nathan USA
Kratom has allowed me to manage my anxiety and depression. I have used it off and on with no withdrawl effects or any other side effects for that matter unlike the prescription medication I was prescribed by my doctor. Please act responsibly and research Kratom before you take it away from the masses of people it is helping.
John Anthony Petrucci United States
Kratom is a very harmless plant and has no reason to be banned. There are no reported deaths or hospitalizations due to kratom use in isolation. On the other hand, kratom has helped many people quit prescription narcotics and regain a normal, functioning lifestyle. I firmly believe lawmakers would be shooting themselves in the foot with a ban of kratom, as more people will turn (or return) to harmful prescription drugs with the absence of a safe alternative.
Ed Walker US
DO your research before you start bundling Kratom with anything else. There is nothing narcotic about this tree. It's basically coffee...read before you persecute.
John Walker US
This is not a narcotic...please do ryour research and not go off of here-say. You would have to include coffee with Kratom because it's one in the same.
charles beebe United States
This helps me deal with my chronic pain. It allows me to take a MUCH smaller dose dose of Morphine than I had to take before I started taking Kratom. It is in NO WAY a recreational or "Party Drug"
Sean Anthony Ballew United States
Please look at the all the positive uses of kratom. There is far more good than harm done by keeping kratom legal.
Chris McCullough United States
Please keep this medicine available to the people.
Steve Nutt USA
Kratom is a very useful plant. It is NOT a dangerous drug that needs to be eradicated. The politicians should educate them selves to the many benefits of kratom before signing a witch hunt bill of legislation.
Levi Barker USA
This is something that is helping so many people. I do not use it myself but have seen my family transformed from using this herb. My uncle is no longer an alcholic. If the USA seriously cares about it citizens, it will ban kratom. Needs availfor pepl 18+
Kevin Hamm United States
This is a TREE! Not a drug!
James Thacker USA
This wonderful plant is not a danger to any person. The food we eat, air we breath, and prescription medications we are given are far far more sinister when compared to kratom. This plant lacks the "dark" nature of drugs but it does have many benefits.
Charles Carreon United States
Medicinal or traditional herbal substances should not be subject to regulations without taking testimony in legislative hearings from medical experts on the benefits and risks.
scott zahn USA
I find this beautiful tree to be very helpful, and for some conditions, it is a beneficial adjunct to prescription medicines.
Keith Grover United States
We need to stop giving up are rights
Stephen Wachilla Unites States
To compare Kratom to something like Bath Salts is a grave injustice. Might as well compare beer to heroin. Any "medicine" out there WILL be abused by someone, that is a sad fact, but for the one that does 100,000 shouldn't suffer.

For that matter, Xanax should be gathered up and incinerated, since according to the news it has killed so many celebrities. Along these same lines, if Xanax is abused ( as it cleary is in these cases ) death can occur.

I read an additional news article online that was damning Kratom use do to people being hospitalized. What the article mentions, but fails to sensationalize is that they did it in conjunction with a variety of illegal substances ( pot, coke etc ) with alcohol on top of that. So why single out Kratom?? Oh yeah, because it is unheard of until now, so it MUST be the boogey man that will rape our children. That is not the case, or even remotely close to it.
Michelle Leigh USA
Kratom has helped my with my depression and Bipolar disorder symptoms. I do not like the side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals and Kratom has none of them. Please do not ban this valuable and harmless plant which helps so many people like me.
Amber Stephenson United States
Kratom has no relation nor is it anything like K2 or bathsalts.
guy Walman U.S.
Enough already!!!
A harmless plant that only seems to help and soothe individuals with aches and pains. When are you going to leave all natural alternatives alone. You are definitely over the line on this one!
shawn gagne usa
I don't drink it much these days, but I support it 100%
Massimiliano Peretti USA
Kratom has saved thousands of lives with its properties. It is largely used to fight opiate dependency as well as a minor painkiller as natural alternative to codeine and other harmful and addicting substances.
Protecting Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) means protecting nature.
John Barnes USA
It's harmless and helpful and most important it's a tree. Keep it legal to 18 and above. Thanks!!
Kelly Mitchell United States
It is very important that we keep this plant legal - it improves the quality of life for many people. It helps me manage back pain, without the nasty side effects of opiates, which I cannot take, as they make me violently ill.
Steven Hennings UK
I use this in low doses because it if very effective against anxiety and depression. It works much better than prozac or effexor. Since I found out about it I have begun to enjoy my life rather than endure it.
Jamie Morgan UK
Research, Research, Research. This plant is of too much benefit to too many people medically and therapeutically. A ban would do more harm than good. Will we ever learn this?
Silvano Bassanini Italy
Because no ban kratom:
means to eliminate a possibility of therapy in more for people who suffer

Because no ban kratom:
would be yet another concession that a State would organized crime

Because no ban kratom:
because it is a therapeutic substance with low toxicity profile, certainly lower than many other pharmacological

Because no ban kratom:
means removing a substance very interesting that instead deserves to be studied scientifically even more

Because no ban kratom:
also from a political-economic perspective, from yet another prohibition, the only people who would benefit - apart from the crime - would be the film industry workers who would be subject to write detective films of this substance also
Nick Pendergast UK
Kratom has been misunderstood and misrepresented and mistakes have already been made, regarding legality.
Please take the time to fully appreciate the value of this plant.
Wendy Redic USA
My husband has major chronic pain due to bi-lateral poly-cystic kidney disease. He was addicted to hydrocodone until we found kratom. He is so much better since he got off the pharmaceuticals. Also, my nephews appendix burst and after a year and a half of pharmaceuticals and multiple surgeries he had lost his job and his health. He started on kratom and within 2 months had his health back and is back to work. The Pharmaceutical drugs had just clogged his system up so bad and fogged his mind. Kratom is given to us by God Himself for healing and nobody has the right to take it away from those who are using it responsibley. Make it illegal for under 18s but leave the adults alone please.
Paul Rogers UK
Kratom is a safe natural plant which has no real abuse potential (certain no worse than caffeine) and so many important health benefits. I take it as a health supplement much like people take St John's Wort, as a natural pick me up and mood brightener.
Michael Errante United States
Kratom is significantly helped with my anxiety and depression. Please keep this legal!
melissa stone usa
kratom has helped me to quit taking dangerous painkillers. i have not touched a lortab or percocet since i started taking kratom...its been a lifesaver for me and my liver!!!
Nikita Olhovskis United Kingdom
By making safe substances illegal, government forces people to use more dangerous, but still legal substances. It is their right to experiment with their own bodies and minds. Do not make this research dangerous.
Benjamin Forrest Carter USA
This is an herb that has helped me out with mild depression, mild sciatica and a pickme up preferred (somedays) to it's cousin coffee.
Robert Seaver United States
Kratom has a remarkable effect on my personal and professional life. It is a great tool for managing my anxiety and depression, and brings my energy to a level that keeps me functional and engaged with my peers and family.
David Pooley England
Kratom is natural and mild. Comparable to good coffee in strength of effect. Like coffee, it should be used in moderation, but this is no basis for controlling it.
Scott McAllister United States
Kratom is a completely safe and beneficial herb. Keep kratom legal!
Jessica Hahn USA
I am a full believer in natural herbs. I suffer with chronic pain everyday and like many have said Kratom not only saved my life but it saved my family and gave me my quality of life back. Please don't take that away!!!!!
Tony Hofer United States
Kratom improves and saves lives, assisting many with pain, depression and addiction to pain pills. It's an affront to Heaven to ban Nature's botanical gifts to humankind.
GP Merfeld USA
Kratom is a benign, self-regulating, and incredibly beneficial ancient herb. It is NOT a "Legal High," and misuse by ingesting too much will only result in nausea. Please keep it legal for 18+ aged adults.
David Singh Belgium
freedom of speech, choice, and substance!
Stephen Rothwell UK
Banning this medicinal plant would make no sense at all,it's harmless and it's useful. Making it illegal would serve no useful purpose.
Lindsey Walpole UK
It is harmless and beneficial. Leave it be.
John Robinson United Kingdom
It's not a 'legal high' so let's keep it legal.
John Songdahl USA
Keep kratom legal!
Frank Weller USA
As a user of herbal products for more than 40 years, kratom is by far the most dynamic plant of them all, and one of the most benevolent as well.
Todd stevenson United States
Kratom is a harmless ancient remedy.Great for pain relief and stress. Anyone thinking they will get "High" From Kratom will be sadly disapointed and will most likely nauseate themselves by ingesting too much. Let's keep it legal for responsible adults.
Aaron Miller USA
Thanks to kratom and the kratom community many have found a better life.
Bryan Koudim United States
Kratom is a medicinal herb that should not be banned
Shawn Schuman United States
Kratom offers a range of benefits for many people, and a ban would be completely baseless.
Cody Thompson United States of America
Kratom has changed my life for the better, easing my anxiety among a host of other things. I am not sure where I would be without it..
C Hellings United Kingdom
Banning this harmless plant because of the greed and ignorance of others, would be nothing less than a personal tragedy and a huge loss for many others who benefit from kratom. It has helped me stay out of hospital for the last 2.5 years.
Daniel Reed Lockard United States
Kratom has been so beneficial for my Panic Disorder.Its nice to have an herbal tea in your life to help my problems...Its a miracle plant!
Dustin Porretto United States
Please don't ban this safe leaf
Jennifer Sturgis USA
Kratom helped ease my recovery from a serious head on car collision, and I had a harder time quitting coffee than Kratom. Coffee has fewer benefits and is more addictive if used daily.
Paul Sturgis USA
In addition to myself, I have heard from dozens of regular people who benefit from Kratom, and who do not use it recreationally, but rather as an herbal supplement like chamomile or coffee (both of which have a potential for habituation, but are legal).
Harry Hiort Sweden
Kratom is nothin' but a harmless herb with alot of medicinal qualities. Kratom saved my life.
kristoff ceyssens belgium
kratom is a real benefit for many peopple, thinking its a 'high' or 'drug' isnt correct. many who tried this because they think its a legal high come out dissapointed. kratom is medicinal and verry subtile, coffee is stronger.works good against depression
A. Kramer The Netherlands
This herb need protection, research and attention, not a ban!
Cori R. Fitzpatrick USA
My liveliehood depends on the legality of this plant .
Troy Stepp United States
PLEASE KEEP KRATOM LEGAL! Thanks for this website & good luck!
Ben Brown UK
I would be so sad if this herb was banned.
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