We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Garrick A Brown U.S.A
from Arkansas
Doug Roughton Canada
Leave this one alone. It's a naturally occurring tree with no addictive potential, or that of caffeine. If we ban this I push for a full Prohibition on Caffeine products as well.
Jim Watson Canada
I do not see a need for this herb to be scheduled. It would prove ineffective long term and just help fuel the "actual drug trade" eg... Heroin & Cocaine.
Adam Walsh Canada
Kratom is just like Kava Kava... This is a joke that they would even threaten to ban this herb. But yes we can all buy seeds and grow our own, and make it multiply in warm areas all over the world in a effort to fight back.
Madam Kratom UK
Ban this and I will just grow my own trees, also plant seeds across any space that they will thrive
Brad Reid Canada
How can you ban such as harmless substance, its not even like Marijuana, kids will not turn to this to get high...Oh what the media will put in our faces is disgusting. Ban Willow Tree bark as it also has pain killing properties.
Danielle Dixon Canada
Ban all those dangerous gun and put the money that you would spend banning this substance into police patrol funds. Make me feel safe wile walking the streets of my own city... Don't wast money and time banning this substance!
Jesse McCarthy USA
If this herb is banned, I personally know I will be forced to buy street drugs once more. I do not what this but health care is almost non-existent and I simply cannot afford to pay for pain med's from a Doc. It will not benefit the Government one bit!
Dave Garcia Spain
This is a natural supplement, it needs to stay this way. Why not ban addictive natural supplements like Phenibut, That stuff is nasty and can kill you...but yet you pay no attention ..why
Joseph Burley Canada
This herb is not harmful. It is not addictive I do not see the need for its status to be altered in any shape or form. I have seen its positive effects similar to St.John's Wart. This is a joke that it needs to be taken out of context. Its no opiate.
John Woodland USA
No more harmful than tea or any other drink sold at your local Starbucks. Give this herb a break and please go ban Military style weapons.
Tom Verner Canada
it needs to get out of the head shops, as a legal high.. I feel this is what is giving it its bad reputation. I think it will soon vanish from head shops as those people are looking for hights light Salvia offers not what Kratom does.
Mandie Sue Jones usa
Kratom is perfectly safe, unlike how addicting opiates can be, or make you stupid like marijuana. No I don't do drugs, but I have a lot of pain. They've legalized marijuana in certain areas, yet try to make this illegal, of course, because it helps pain.
Justin K. Gomez United States of America
Dense US

Why ban kratom ? The potential for abuse is that of coffee, but without the jitters. Cant see how can someone abuse it unless he is addicted to anything else like coffee or chocolate. Doubt signing a petition against it will stop lawmakers but Im against
Linda Johnson USA
Thomas J Breese Jr USA
I am sure that no matter what drug or herb you put out there people are going to abuse. We cannot let a few idiots run this for everyone who needs it and uses it in the right way.
Ellen M Wolf USA
This may be the only thing I have left to help me in my fight with my chronic pain. Please don't keep this wonderful natural friendly medicine from people like me who need it to enjoy our lives and live pain free! God put it here, keep it legal.
Teresa Bowers United States
Steven j. Szymanski america
Kratom has helped me and thousands of people get off the use of perscription opiods that Dr.s put you on for pain mgmt with no plan to get off of them when the injury has been heaked. Kratom has been a life changer for the better. I work in substance abuse recovery and kratom is better than anything else .
William Hemsworth England
Kratom has made a huge difference in my life. It helps me live my life confidently and anxiety-free, it gives me endurance throughout the day and doesn't effect my learning abilities. If anything, it's improving my grades!
nathan avery usa
James Henderson USA
Mark Bretl USA
God bless you.
Martin Adams United States
It's sad that the politicians and pharmaceutical companies would rather have a natural plant illegal to keep making bullshit money. Wake up! This plant is way safer and more effective than your bullshit legal government-made drugs Keep gods medicine legal
casey brass usa
spent 4 years on heavy pain meds. glad to say i have been clean a month and my cravings for it is gone and my pain is manageable because of kratom. please stop seizing international orders also!
Alexander Pelletier Canada!
this herb has saved my life from alcoholism for 7 years plus it helps me with my daily pain of when a thousand punds of rebar fell on me from a bobcat, crushing my leg and pelvis and lower spine. such a amazing plant.fuck the pharmacuetical industry and them trying to capitalize on this wonderful herb. they hate it because its more reliable then and safer and more stronger than there crappy drugs that dont help heal people. there just ment to cope. if this herb become illegal in north america i dont know what ill do....
danny tran usa
ends the war on drugs!
Ryan Ronaldo United States
this is stupid, stop the ban on natural botanicals, legalize marijuana,
Mrs. Davidson United States
This is a very healthy herb and very helpful to many people. Keep this legal!!!
Kimberly Clark United States
Cameron Fullerton United States
very helpful to many people.
tyler perry united states
hope briggance united states
kristopher talaga united states
Brandon Davis USA
Kratom is the only thing that helps with the pain and keeps me off of the synthetic drugs the govt will let us get addicted to. we have the rights to have AK-47's with 75 round drums, but if you get relief from a plant they burn it and salt the earth.
Norman Fulk United States
If you would like a true life story of how the plant got my life off of addiction to narcotic pain pills, and how its used for daily back pain relief for a life time laborer, just contact my email
snewo USA
:)))))))))))) If God created this, it makes it natural. Mankind in turn has to dictate who can our can't consume it. I personally believe this is a money and control issue
Karim Gargour  
Jay Eckert USA
Keep in mind anything that takes away from pharmaceutical company's and Medicare would take money out of the gov. Pocket. They consider that stealing and they hate competition.
Jeramiah Eckert USA
Making natural substances illegal will continue to fuel the designer drug industry
dennis sycip Philippines
how can you allow govts to criminalize a plant ??
Jessica nickels  
Kate Howard USA
Keep it legal! Lawmakers have spent too many years screwing us over. :(
Wesley Pratt USA - Texas
Don't ban Kratom! It is a natural, harmless herb - not a drug!! The pain relief usage from this plant is amazing, I have terrible knee problems and it works wonders! It is an amazing alternative to becoming addicted to extremely dangerous opiates/opiods!
James Bailey USA
Andrew Hassman California,USA
I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder,have not been able to work for years! The medicine i was on had long tern effects and i was literally crippled in my mind..Six months later i am not on a medication,am back to teaching abd thank God for this!!
Larry Lader USA
My health has improved significantly at 63 yrs old
because i Stopped taking pain medication
and stopped smoking because Kratom, helped me do that! it ´s a cousin of the coffee plant.it´s allot safer than drinking boos! Go ban that.!! A wonderful plant!
Scott Alan USA
Cigarettes and Alcohol Kill more People every year than just about anything!Most of you so called politicians drink and smoke like fish!! Get as angry as you want.The reality is it´s true what i say.At 59 yrs old and a CEO Kratom ,saved my life! True!!!
robert brown Usa
Only. Thing that. Helps me
arun belgium/uk/us
why aren't we getting more medical professionals to sign on... when it comes to pharmaceuticals, what an immense pity they're so lame and seem incapable of keeping to their basic mission.
Raoul Radoiu United States
The only reason the U.S government would ban kratom is for the same reason Thailand made it illegal. Lets see how corrupt our government truly is as they ban a herbal plant whose medical benefits far out way its negative if it having any at all.
You want to ban something that is not a drug? What´s wrong with you people. I am 59 year old man,was a multi-millionaire,raised a family,loved my family and lost everything to an addiction.Thank God someone told me i can stop methadone with this!
Joseph David Parker United States
Helps me so much!
I was diagnosed with arthritis in my late twenties. I suffered through my thirties and forties with extreme pain in my knees. After finding many articles on kratom, i gave in and tried it in low dose as tea. Within an hour my knees felt much better. I drank this tea for two years twice a week approximately. Most weeks while using kratom for chronic pain, i don't have any pain in my legs. The idea that the strong arm for big pharma (DEA)wants to eliminate kratom as a useful tool for chronic pain does not surprise me.
david gary gittins uk
Sean Barile  
Logan Smith  
David Anderson United States
Michael Joseph Passero United States
kratom is what i used to stop using heroin and it was very effective.... i was able to stop within 2 weeks and have been clean and sober for 1 year now, and i am not still using kratom. This plant is very medicinal and beneficial. Please keep it legal!
Andy T United Kingdom
Lauren Bucci united states
Kratom has helped my anxiety so much! Nothing else works as well as Kratom does and it is very safe to consume on a daily basis.
John Eric Gibson USA
Lyle Cain usa
Kratom has many medicinal benefits from anxiety relief to helping those with pain to helping diabetics. This is a natural growing herb and should stay legal. Contrary to wrong popular belief, kratom is not addictive. Period
Nahaku Kealiihoomalu Wilcox Dayton United Statess
Kratom is a HERB not a drug. Same as marajuana, but you people always wanna ruin the fun for us.
Tom Micheals usa
Choice.... This is not a synthetic analog or man made chemical, it a herbal...
Dylan Wade  
Kyle Ott usa
Kratom is not an opiate. It is not dangerous and has great medicinal benefits, there is no reason it should be illegal.
Gabrielle S. Nickson United States
Kratom should not be criminalized or compared to any street drug. It helps people and improves quality of life. I use it for pain management and it helps with my anxiety and depression. I also am without health insurance, so I would be screwed without it!
Kristin Olson United States
Has a wide range of uses that are beneficial to many people. Is innocuous in plain leaf form.
Ryann C US
Corey D US
Ted Turczyn U.S.
Kratom makes me wanna live!!!
Marshal Pettorini United States
Kathleen Dale Grant United States of America
mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and well being and its use should not be restricted.
Kevin Dwight earl USA
Kratom has never hurt anyone
Michele Arbitelle United states
Keep kratom legal!!! I use kratom as an all natural alternative to pain meds for chronic pain caused by ehlers-danlos syndrome. And why deny people of something that grows naturally?
Ronda Davis United states of America
Do not make this illegal this is helpful both to chronic pain wish lessens my depression and also helps my brain function.
Please consider how this is very beneficial to people who use it and it is no more addictive than coffee!

Ronda Davis  
Joshua Santo United States
John Dall Randall United States
Jeffrey LaPenna USA
Anthony Padilla US
Kratoms a very mild relaxing medicinal herb like kava kava. It does not make you high. Research chemical vendors which produce harmful designer substances sell kratom for sole profit. Kratom is nothing like those other things.
Cortlin Patrick United States
Martin H. Campbell IV United States
This is more than a viable alternative for those living in chronic pain. I have a very dear and loved soul who could benefit from this herb. It can help her to regain control of her life and live as we are all meant to.
Aurelia L Norris USA
Russell Moore USA
I 'am somebody having to deal with the court system and turn my family bankrupt because of a plant and peoples obsession with controlling other's lives. 30% of the American prison population are in for marijuana who have family and children. USA does not stand for Universal Slave Authority. This is my country too! Long live Nature's benefaction to mankind WITH OR WITHOUT AMERICA!
Vincent Capone United States
If it's a natural herb, then I am all for it.
Especially if it will help people feel better.
I for one suffer fom chronic back pain, unfortunetly I don't want to take narcotics.!
Can't wait to try this Kratom.
Sheena Gorrie Scotland Uk
Benjamin A. Murray United States of America
Keep Mother Nature Legal or she will surely abolish us.
lindsey miller USA
Steven Rockafellow United States
Kratom is good for you
Elaine M. Arroyo USA
Jeremy Nickle USA
Keep it legal.
Melanie C LeFur United States
Kratom is very helpful for my migraines, and no toxic effects for my liver and kidneys! Please keep it legal.
Kenneth Jernigan USA
Keep this herb legal!
Riley Johnson USA
good stuff, keep legal.
joshua hawkins USA
its only a good thing
karen kennay usa
Andrea Tuchawena America
Kratom is the answer to the out of control pain pill epidemic that plagues the world. I have friends who have become FREE from narcotics in a matter of days without any withdrawl, any need for a prescription, Rehab, or any costly Dr. Appts. PLEASE I am begging you, keep this tree legal and available to those it is helping. Otherwise you will continue to see people robbing the local pharmacy to get their pain pill addiction fed. Thankyou
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