We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Talmage Long United States
Kratom is a wonderful tool and should not be viewed as a harmful or negative thing. Age limits would be appropriate though.
Evan Clayson United States
This plant poses no threat to society.
Anthony Brunscheon United States
As a rheumetoid arthitis sufferer, kratom has helped immensely with pain control
laureen seib usa
For all people suffering...
Michael Treichler Germany
Do not ban this herb. Never.
Eric Marsheski USA
Kratom works wonders for my pain and keeps me from having to take strong opiate pain killers. I don't get dope-sick from stopping kratom use where as stopping hydrocodone was horrible. Kratom is not dangerous and should not be treated as such.
Michael Middleton USA
Kratom is a Godsend non-addictive herb that can assist in relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, and Restless Legs Syndrome.
Marka Monterey
It has helped me so much with my ostoarithis on my knees and back please dont take it off the market.......
Mark Gilley USA
This plant is just as benign as coffee, and has gotten so many people off hard drugs/opiates it would be a crime to ban it.
Vicki Hillary United States
Kratom has given me an alternative to taking manic depression drugs my doctor prescribed. I no longer take them because of kratom. kratom gives me energy peace of mind and an over all sense of well being.
Chris United Kingdom
Kratom has a wide variety of beneficial properties. It would be of detriment to many peoples well being by restricting its sale.
Glenn Schweitzer United States
There is not one single Emergency room or poison control report in the United states. Do not ban this extremely beneficial plant!
Cameron Bell U.S.A.
Kratom is a very mild euphoriant that is a good natural remedy for pain and depression. It should be considered no different than energy drinks or coffee.
Julie Baker USA
Kratom is safe and affective and should be available for purchase since it's legal!
Leoanard Spencer UK
Kratom is a herbal supplement not a high and should be treated as such.
Lee Cawood United Kingdom
There is no way Kratom should be lumped in with all the so called 'legal highs'
It is a subtle herb that, when researched weel can help with a multitude of issues. Lets be sensible and keep Kratom legal! Far far better than prescription nasties that the GPs like to push so hard.
Eddie lynn Raines U.S.A.
It's not a right if it can be taken away. We are noticing those taken away with growing concern. Put up a new flag with a pharmaceutical logo on it if that's how it is.
Jamie Jorgensen Canada
Why would you take something away that has helped so many people.
Greg Stevens United States of America
This plant allows me the humanity of living a normal life. Please keep it legal and accesible for those of us in need.
Kirk Downer USA
Please keep Kratom legal.
Ian Michael Unkle United States
I believe that kratom should not be made illegal because it is beneficial in many ways, it can be used to help treat opiate addicts and help relieve those in pain who want to stay away from opiates among many other things.
deneen campabell usa
I take it instead of drugs the doctor prescribes that make you crazy with addiction for stress,back pain and anxiety.
Paul William Higgins USA
I've used kratom responsibly for more than for years. It has undoubtedly helped relieve depression and anxiety. It has also had many other beneficial effects, I truly believe laboratory testing will show it aids in many aspects of healthy living.
Courtney Marie Bell united states
Please keep kratom legal. It helps me with depression! It's not fair that irresponsible idiots have to ruin it for the rest of us.
Simone Amaral USA
Kratom allows me to live a normal life Ihave fibromyalgia and constant pain. Kratom saved my life, I can funtion !
Andrew Cardwell United States
There is no reason to make this plant illegal not one person has ever been injured from it.
Lenny lamastus united states
kratom is a plant. Plants should not be illegal.
Brian topps United states
Thousands of people die each year from misusing pain killers. No one has ever died from overdosing on kratom. Also plants grow naturally. You cannot say a plant cant exist simply because you dont like it.
corey george dryden canada
We should be saving our trees instead of calling them criminals, They have every right to exist as much as we have the right to use these sacred plants.
Jeffrey Denham Earth
Natural pain killers over poison made pills anyday. We who use it are not in it for getting high, respect us as the adults we are. I am seventeen and know we must protect the truths.
Ashley Woods United States
Leave this Legal
jena barea usa
Make pills illegal not this
Jonathan Chew United States
I've used kratom when needed, to help tolerate the effects of ruptured disks & subsequent back surgeries. Kratom is a much kinder, non-addictive herbal alternative to the highly-addictive pharmaceutical drugs, such as Hydrocodone, Oxycodone & Vicadin.
John Harvey Wild USA
Desiree Lynn Gulliford United States
I am a US Army OIF/OEF veteran who chooses to use Kratom, rather than addictive pain pills, to control pain from injuries during my time in service. It is much easier on my system than the prescription drugs and allows me to live a normal life.
Callum Hughes UK
I have had depression and anxiety near enough my whole life and have a number of sleeping problems. Even using kratom once a week can help with these problems a lot. I have had withdrawal from times when i have used daily and only then I get a minor w/d
paxton franson United States
Citizens should have the right to seek alternatives to synthetic pharmaceuticals when seeking relief from various disorders, which this HERB treats many. Please leave our leaves alone!
Matthew Engerer Canada
Kratom is a wonder herb, plain and simple. It has helped me greatly with anxiety symptoms and chronic pain. I am in no way addicted to kratom (this seems to be the main worry about it) - I have taken it for weeks in a row and stopped with no withdrawal.
Jordan Rowe USA
Fuck you government and DEA this has MEDICINAL VALUE!
marcy ellerbee usa
Mitraguyna spesiosa(commonly known as kraton) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and well being and that its use should not be restricted at all. This herb should be available for all people.
Alexander M. Moore United States
When i broke my leg I was prescribed oxycodone. It would make me sweat feverishly in my sleep, I would wake up groggy and uncoordinated with cloudy thoughts. I switched to a moderate dose of kratom, and got efficient pain relief with less side effects.
Sean Silberman USA
I have severe and debilitating anxiety, and because of this I have been prescribed dangerous and addictive drugs like benzos for much of my life. Kratom does everything benzos do for me and more, and my quality of life would suffer without it.
Roger Sussman United States
I have heard of many great benefits from this herb, a member of the coffee family.
I only have sampled it a bit, myself.
However, I would appreciate having the opportunity to experiment with its application further, as I have time in the future.
Colby Erickson United States of America
Kratom has saved my life, it got me off prescription drugs, which where making ill and needing to take a higher and higher dose. Now free from thos and saving money my life is looking brighter and brighter each day Thank god hes here thank you.
Chris baker USA
I had begun use with percs the past two years, I'd walk around jaundiced , my liver was failing and I knew I'd be dead in probably about a month.
I had no insurance so voluntary rehab wasn't an option. On day a buddy of mine turned me to kratom. ThankGod!
vicki neeser us
this is safe and beneficial herb,please do your homework, learn the facts before you take action!!
John Williams USA
My wife has used kratom for many years and not only stopped all illicits, but our life is GOOD! Please don't take this plant away from her!! Please!!
justinbaker USA
This substance is not dangerous. Unfortunately there is a lot of false information spread about it.
Ryan Macdonald Canada
Kratom has benefited me in so many ways, all these doc. prescribed meds have done shit for me and cause bad side-effects. Kratom on the other hand is perfect for my health needs with minimal side-effects. Why would this even be considered for a ban?Ohya..
Alex Lubman United States
Kratom is a subtle herb. It has more in common with coffee and tea than the illegal drugs with which some are now comparing it. Those considering controlling kratom should do research rather than being guided by greedy vendors making irresponsible claims
Darin Landau USA
This wonderful plant helps greatly with my chronic back pain/fatigue and has little to no side effects. It is much safer than pain meds and has almost no potential for abuse. -Stop trying to play god and let nature do its thing-
Jim usa
stop such ignorance and stupidity!
Charlie O'Donnell USA
Kratom is a great plant it helps my body pains and it helps me a great great deal with my high anxiety problems and my bad add. Plants are not drugs cigarettes and the bad FDA pills are the real killers. Let's just be happy & free Amerika. (peace)
Nicholas Riggle US
I've been taking kratom for the past year or so for my anxiety. Before it, I've tried everything from SSRI's to benzo's and absolutely nothing else works. Keep kratom legal, it is a wonderful plant that genuinely helps many people.
Josh clack Usa
Kratom has been very beneficial for myself as far as keeping my body in good healthy shape and preventing future cancer cells also boost my immune system and just has so very many benifecial properties that should be explored & utilized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
paul lund United Kingdom
Godsend, for pain and energy.
Saved me from addiction from morphine.
I can live a normal life once again.
stephen geraci USA
Please understand this herb and how it is saving lives in so many ways.
Patrick Eberly USA
Kratom has done nothing but better my quality of life in the past 8 months of enjoying this mild plant. Please keep it legal for those who need it most.
karen Dufour USA
Please help stop the propaganda that is quickly developing against Kratom. Over 100,000 deaths a year over alcohol, and not one death over Kratom. Why would you demonize a plant that has the potential to help so many people? Help us with this battle.
Mike Barrett USA
I still dont understand how you can ban a plant. Seems like God would not approve......
Ioann Arnaoutov Canada
Kratom has immense health benefits, has less negative side effects than coffee, and in my opinion, it should be treated with the great respect it deserves.
Mona Gugga USA
We should be doing more research and incorporating natural substances into our medical community, rather than making helpful, natural substances impossible to obtain.
Daniel Lazar United States
Kratom helps me greatly with depression and anxiety! Don't criminalize this valuable herb!
Kolby Kauffman United States
Kratom, especially the full-spectrum tincture, has saved my life. It should be kept legal and should be studied for all the good it can do medically, physically, and emotionally.
Nicholas Jones UK
I find this plant very therapeutic and much better than prescription meds at dealing with my fibromyalgia and associated fatigue. i would hate to see this wonderful plant banned because of irresponsible marketing.
Mark Palmerino USA
Please keep Kratom legal.
Mark R. McDowell U.S.A
Please keep Kratom legal. It saved me from an addiction to prescription pain medications that were slowly destroying me. Kratom helped me overcome my addiction and I have not used prescription pain meds for over seven months.
Adam Bonney United States
Kratom has many great benefits with very few side effects or risks. We as Americans should have the right to chose this plant over other dangerous medications, without fear of the government stepping in and making our decisions for us.
Eric Cotton USA
Kratom helps people. Keep it LEGAL
David Vaughan USA
This herb has been a godsend for my mental and physical health. I fractured my neck as a teenager and am bi-polar. I am now able to live a much higher quality of life without anti-depressants and without pain medications thanks to God and the herbal treatments I now have access to. Kratom is the most beneficial herb that I have in the treatment of my pain and depression.
Joelle Kapis USA
I am a multiple sclerosis patient. This plant has helped my pain immensely. Much better than chemically made drugs. Please do not ban this product. It will drastically reduce the quality of life of many people with chronic and incurable illness.
James Lowe United states of America
This material is just like any other natural item. food in itself has the potential to be abused but we do not ban food because of this reason do we? This has been a dramatically life changing thing for me. It has helped me kick my opiate addictions.
shawn b usa
I have stopped using heroin by using Kratom in its place. I have now winged myself off Kratom and live a normal life.
Wesley Hale United States
Good safe and natural pain reliever.
Gregory Azizyants USA
Kratom is a natural plant that has been existing for ages! It virtually has no risk of abuse, it has countless number of benefits, and almost everyone who uses it are ADULTS who stay responsible, and very well educated about this plant among other things.
Taylor Hunt United States
This herb has no known negative side-effects. It is affordable and beneficial. Please don't create another opportunity for criminals (and terrorists) to make money on the "war on drugs."
Anthony Delaney United States of America
Jeff Noel United States
Matthew A Collins USA
Cindy Sherwood Cook USA
Good pain reliever without side effects
Nandor Nevai United States
It helps immensely with my wife's restless legs.
Ov course big pharma is run by Nazis (LITERALLY) so...
we can only hope.
Eric Lawbaugh Maryland, USA
Kratom is being misunderstood! It should be studied further for for it's medicinal properties. Also, without it I would probably still be addicted to opiates, I fully credit drinking kratom tea to getting me through withdraw and off opiates.
joseph cramutola usa
One of the best herbs I have ever taken..Never had a prob with it!
Jonathan Spalding United States
Kratom does not affect health or mental alertness, but rather increases at least the latter, and perhaps the former. It has none of the problem effects of drugs. Making it illegal would simply create legal and social problems. Banning it is ignorant.
Callie Zimmerman United States
Kratom is one of the only things keeping me alive at this point. Anti depressants don't work and Kratom is much safer any way.
Andy Manchaa United States
I fully support this over prescription drugs any day.
Daniel Shabash USA
Has medicinal value!
Danielle Hough United States of America
Why take away something that it helping drug addicts walk away from their addiction and better their lives? It is also helping those with legitimate pain find relief without reducing themselves to depending on pharmaceuticals. No Kratom=more drug addicts.
Fletcher Clarke USA
Kratom has helped endless amount of people and is packed to the prim with rare antioxidants and nutriants. There is no eminent drug abuse from kratom, kratom is nothing like heroin or oxycodone, if you truely care about the public, then keep it legal.
Breina Franklin USA
I have a back pain as well as depression and Kratom helps me with all of them. Please don't take Kratom away from people like me because we really needs it. thank you
N Sinton England
This natural plant helps reduce my anxiety and panic attacks. It is a marvellous plant and it would be a very sad affair if it's criminalised.
Jordan Casey Pueschell united states of america
Kratom is a medicinal plant that is packed to the brim with healthy anti-oxidants and nutriants. It poses absolutely no eminent or dangerous threat, only positive things. If you care about the public, then keep kratom legal
Joseph Norris United states
Kratom has helped endless amount of people and is packed to the prim with rare antioxidants and nutriants. There is no eminent drug abuse from kratom, kratom is nothing like heroin or oxycodone, if you truely care about the public, then keep it legal.
Jessica Geraci USA
This herbal remedy helped me with depression and it made me less anxious during a difficult time in my life. It will be a shame if this helpful herb for so many becomes illegal.
Joseph Piecuch USA
the help this plant has provided to tens and tens of thousands of people is undeniable, with a fantastic safety record. Compare and contrast this to it's purported harm, and ask again why it should he banned. Kratom saves lives, and has taken zero.
Adam Rodgers USA
I suffer from sever generalized anxiety disorder. I've taken many prescription drugs that were addictive and had a lot of negative side effects. Kratom has helped me stop taking them. I am now taking 1/2 gram twice daily. My last panic attack was 7 mo ago
Tchen. Ma FRANCE
Don't stop the Kratom !
with a illegal product, the gangs and others bad ass, are going to sell it, without control, without quality, what a shame !
Katherine Hartson USA
This is a miracle plant! I suffered from opiate addiction for a long time, and I was able to quit successfully using this plant to keep my withdrawal symptoms away. I've referred so many friends to use it, and I am spreading the word to help others wherever possible. I will help however I can to make this legal.
Shane Karika United States
My back pain is very controlled with this natural solution!
Brenda Karika United States
This product is a great, natural alternative to pain medication
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