We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Eddy McGuire United States
The bottom line is Kratom has been the ONLY thing that has worked for my anxiety and our governments cannot take Kratom away to feed their lobbyists and pharmaceutical interests. Freedom. Don't take it away.
Bradley Standish England
It is ridiculous to ban a herb without fully understanding what it means and what it does.
James Robert Conry United States
Along with valerian root, kava kava, and many other herbs used to heal, kratom is just like these herbs, but the time it came out around the time of spice/K2 and bath salts, it got put on the same DEA watch list and ever since then it's been stigmatized.
Brent Vaughn USA
Prove to me that Big-Pharma does not run this country, let it be!

After 3 back surgeries and Brain Surgery to remove an AVM, Kratom is the only thing that helps with my pain and calms me at the same time.
Richard jimenez united states of oppression
I use kratom medicinally. Has potential to treat many addictions including alcoholism, opiate addiction, over eating , ADHD, anxiety, and is an effective natural pain reliever. It is the only thing that helps with my severe arthritis and fibromyalgia pain
Andrew Benedict USA
Kratom is a wonderful herb. It's relaxing but it's claims about recreational use are over blown from legal high vendors. Amazing alternative to pharmaceutics and alcohol. People should be allowed to choose what that put in their body!
Conrad Pierce United States
A very safe plant that is not something to be feared but understood and kept legal.
Crystal Jones United States
I would be very unhappy if Kratom was made illegal, it keeps my husband happy and full of energy. Without it he just sits on the couch all day watching movies. Thanks to Kratom we are both happy and can maintain a daily life without counting on pain pills
Crystal Balentine United States
Kratom has helped tremendously with my fibromyalgia pain, and kept me from withdrawing from my tramodal while making the switch between doctors. Without it I don't know what I would do.
Joseph Ferraiolo usa
Kratom is a very helpful and harmless plant.
Chris M Cann United States
This natural therapy deserves to be protected from
corporate sycophants bent on furthering their protectionist pocketbook by restricting Kratoms use so the only choice is prescription chemicals.
jesus maldonado united states
Has helped me regain my life
Andrew Dransfield United States
Help humanity progress, fix the economy, treat mental issues, get off RX and street drugs, promote environmentalism all with the reasonable use of mildly psychoactive herbs such as kratom!
Carol Rogers Australia
I use this herb for my menopause symptoms and Migraines, its the alternative to hard core pain relief, with no side effects. It keeps me sane, I just love being able to have a natural alternative.
Jennifer Tucker USA
Kratom is the only herb that has allowed me to live a normal life with nerve pain due to scoliosis....no side effects, not addictive, safe.
Horton R Goff jr United States
after organ failure i had horrible pain and was unable to motivate myself, i tried kratom because of the pain blocking effects (i could not take NSAIDs because of their effects on the liver/kidneys). withoput kratom i would have been on disability.
Kevin Disher Canada
Kratom is much too valuable a medicine to be restricted especially with such a low side effects profile
AUTUMN KLINE United States
My husband uses it for pain and anxiety. He was able to stop his prescription for opiates and anti-anxiety medication. For years my husband was just a lump on a log due to the opiates... I FINALLY have my husband back! Thank you to this plant :-)
Brett Patrick hobbick USA
I was able to overcome a terrible addiction to OxyContin because of this simple leaf. Not only that but it stops the pain that got me addicted in the first place. Please stop outlawing Mother Nature. This is nothing short of a gift from god for me.
Kevin Kline United States
I am a pain patient who has found this magical plant. I no longer have to wear Fentanyl patches or take oxycodone, thank you!
Jennifer Muse USA
Keep Kratom Legal!
Anna Kowalczyk USA
100% natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.
Megan Look USA
It's completely harmless and doesn't make you "high" at ALL. I drink Kratom tea daily and it has helped me so much since I started drinking it. As far as I'm concerned, it's like spraying your pillow with lavender spray to relax you. Harmless and LEGAL!
Joel B Graham USA
Kratom has helped people close to me manage or terminate their dependence on pharmaceutical pain and anxiety medication, not to mention that it functions as a superior substitute in both regards! This is a matter of the people V.S. big pharma...
Angela Blumhagen United States
This plant is a true miracle for me. It needs to stay legal. It isn't a narcotic, therefore... banning it makes no sense. Would love to sign my name to keep it legal.
Fiona Mccarty United States
3 Long live Kratom. It's helped in more ways than it's harmed. Ban booze before you ban Kratom.
john thomas clark III united states
nothing wrong with it.... why try to change it
matthew taylor united states
I love kratom!
Jackie Lee Maphis United States
Kratom is a beneficial herbm it takes the edge off of pain, lowers blood pressure , oh and has lot of fiber.
Ethan usa
I think we should ban trees...oh and water...water kills tons of people every year...get rid of that shit!
Kelly Lay USA
Any lawmaker attempting to ban Kratom will be labeled as a whore for the Pharmaceutical Industry. By myself and millions of others. Adults are capable of practicing herbology without lobbyists and lawmakers intervening. I'm a farmer with degenerated discs
Sarah United States of America
This is ridiculous. Prohibition didn't work then, it doesn't work now.
Kelly Marie Miller USA
Making Kratom illegal is a huge mistake. A 100% natural plant leaf that helps people of ALL ages & backgrounds with a number of issues they'd otherwise turn to prescription drugs for, (w/ bad side effects)I use it for back pain.
Christa Hegedus USA
Less laws the better.
Alexis Shoemaker usa
Kratom is an all natural phenomenon that has been used for thousands of years. I've seen it help people with herniated discs and people with opiate addiction. Its a much better alternative to man-made opiates and it is not nearly as addictive.
Katie Cook USA
My boyfriend used Kratom to get off of prescribed Hydrocodone, which he took for back pain and was addicted to for a long time. It's done nothing but good for him. Please don't take away his medicine!
Jesse Baggett USA
Kratom is a wonderful herb with many beneficial medical and psychiatric applications. Anyone who says otherwise or seeks to ban this herb is ignorant. It has many medicinal applications. Lawmakers, please be advised.
Tammy Palmer usa
I have not used this. But my friend has. It is the difference of night and day. she was so bad all she could do was cry and try to sleep. The pain was really killing her. After less then a week of taking this wonderful Kratom, she is 99% better.
Josh Buchea U.S.A.
Kratom is an amazing plant with medicinal value. It would be a crime to restrict the use of this plant.
Russ Clark U.S.A.
I use Kratom tincure to alleviate pain in my lower back and in my knees. It allows me to work a job that would be impossible without it.

I have never had any negative side effects, which I cannot say of Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen.
Alexander Eriksson Sweden
Amazing herb with so many uses! Why drink alcohol when you can share some kratom tea with friends.
danny khosho United States
This amazing herb is great for energy,parasites,relaxation!
Mark Grant United States
Kratom has helped me with my chronic pain, as well as helping me get off taking all the painkillers that Doctor's would like to keep you on such as Lortab, Percocet and many muscle relaxers.
Tom Beerman United States
Please keep this helpful harmless herb legal.
Zachary Taylor USA
Kratom helped me to stop taking methadone, which most people are on for the rest of their lives once they start. Please keep kratom safe and legal so taht people will not turn to dangerous and addictive narcotics.
Jason Kane United States
Kratom is a safe, legal (in most countries), and effective alternative to very dangerous, highly-addictive opium based prescription pain killers and other illegal opiates (heroin, etc.) that are a serious, life-threatening problem for people worldwide.
James Bondurant United States
Kratom is an herb as harmless as coffee or tea. It is an extremely beneficial herb for a large number of people and it has little to no abuse potential. Please keep it legal.
mari evans US
this herbal medication has helped treat my chronic pain and fatigue due to to my medical disorder. I have had no major side effects from this medication and suffer severely without it.
Katherine Lair United States of America
This plant has helped many people who suffer from anxiety and depression lead a more normal life. When used appropriately, as with any sort of thing that is taken into the body, this plant can and has benefitted so many folks.
Chris USA
My grandma uses it cause she wont take the toxins in the other stuff without harsh reactions. She would rather be in pain then fell fuzzy loopy high and drowsy like the pain pills from the Doc.
Nathan Sanders US
The idea of banning plants is ridiculous. Human beings will look back and scoff at these practices someday.
Tricia S. usa
I am an MD. That's right. A real Medical Doctor. I tell my pt.s to look at this plant. The only problem is when someone infuses it with something OTHER than Kratom. Outlaw ALCOHOL which KILLS THOUSANDS EVERY YEAR! Cigarettes..WHICH KILLS THOUSANDS EVERY Y
Marc-Antoine Jean Felix Perron usa
I love Kratom and the benefits.
maria colon usa
great natural herb just like kava kava and ashwagandha used for hundreds of years. just because it would lower opiate programs and would lower the money coming in to programs does not make it right.
Jo Hughes USA
I was dianosed with multiple schlerosis 4 years ago. Prior to that I lead a very full and active life. The first few years I was in and out of the hospital over 14 times for 5 or more days at a time. The pain was horrid, as were many of the other symptoms. I lost the ability to walk and was wheel chair bound for a long period, then went between walker and cane - and on good days just my own power. I also became legally blind in on eye from MS. I became depressed because of the disease and lifestyle changes. I was given opiate narcotic pain medication to help with the pain. I took it according to orders - yet because of frequent infusions and hospital stays where the pain medicine was increased and given via IV I had to take more and more to reduce the pain. This past year I decided to seek an alternative to manage my disease and pain. I spoke with my neurologist and other doctors. I tried kratom after many recoomendations and much research. I am now completely off any and all Rx pain medications! I did endure physical withdrawl symptoms when I went off of them, but that was prior to using kratom - I wish I had listened when I was told to use kratom to combat the withdrawls right away instead of "toughing it out". All that I can say is that this natural plant has been wonderful for me. It does not produce a high - or any such reaction. It treats my pain, it helps with depression and it helps with some of the fatigue from MS. If used in pure form, from a good natural source it is a life saver for people like me. Without it I have no doubt that I would have given up my goal of being off all narcotic pain medicines because of the pain that I would have had to endure. It is certainly not "a legal high" as some would have people think! I also have ADHD and have focus issues associated with MS, and this plant has improved that as well. I am also no longer taking blood pressure medications as a side effect of my kratom use - my blood pressure stablized to normal for the first time in 9 years. I went from taking 8 different Rx medications a day - to 2 Rx medications a day and I credit kratom for this! Of course everyone is different and no one should stop taking medications without the advice from medical professionals. I was lucky enough to have medical professionals in my life who were open to reseach and alternative/natural treatments. For the first time since my MS diagnosis I feel hopeful about my future. I am thankful for the people who have educated themselves about this plant and shared what they know.
david bruner United state
Keep legal it helps me
Paula J. Fletcher USA
Please keep this plant legal. I have Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, herniated disks in my back, severe back and neck pain,and Gulf War Syndrome. The leaves of this plant actually rid me of most of my pain with NO SIDE EFFECTS. I am not the only one

James MIchael Asmus United States
This substance is life saving for me as I suffer from severe depression and this makes me feel completly normal unlike the antidepressents that don's seem to do much!
Keep it legal!Amazing plant!Maybe not even from this planet?Beatiful,it change my life!
RICARDO GOIZ United States
keep it legal !!!!
Kathleen O'Connor USA
Helps mother with chronic pain due to debilitating RA....in a MUCH SAFER WAY !
David McKenzie United States
This saved my life after 1 use!!!!
joseph burch united states
keep Kratom legal!! Now that phamacueticals have all but imprisoned mankind. God made people and plants alike and we are to be free alike!
Barry Clark USA
Suffering from chronic back pain due to herniated disks and being uninsured I took the advice of another and tried Kratom. I admit I was skeptical and didn't believe what he was telling me. I'm a believer now. Pain is manageable and no ill effects.
Laikin Stephens United States
ALL completely herbal remedies should be legal.
Jana Jee UK
Amazing plant that's been helping many people with no harm done!
VitalyzD The United States of America
Kratom is a substance that helped me to succeed! Without this, I can't live.
Dylan Barnett USA
Keep It Legal!
Jerm Silva US
A very valuable medicinal herb that can be used to manage many different conditions, ranging from depression,to opiate withdrawals.
Michael Vega United States
Need for medical chronic pain management
Robert Anderson United States
I support kratom. No way should the government keep telling us what is right for us. NO WAY!!!
Ryan Feeback United States
Kratom is natures suboxone. Useful for opiate succession, pain relief, depression, and so much more without being as addictive as full opioid agonists.
Susan Letherbarrow UK
Kratom is something I use to help with my pain management. I am in constant pain and I have cut my pain medication down by half since I have been using this herb. If this becomes unobtainable the NHS will certainly know about it as thousands of people are getting pain relief from Kratom and Kratom does not burn out the liver and kidneys as pain meds do.

Please don't deny up this helpful herb.
Christopher Allen neely united states of america
This has saved my life from addiction.
Lucas Silva Brazil
Jeffrey Wilson united states
Jared USA
Kratom has been a life saver emotionally, and physically for me. My lifestyle is quite demanding so I'm very thankful for this.
Carolina Barbosa Formigoni Brasil
Kratom helps me to deal with horrible pain backs... It's the only medicine thet really works, and I can't see a good reason to prohibit it.
Nicholas Detweiler United States
After years of suffering chronic depression Kratom offer me a highly effective fast relief. Even my psychiatrist recognizes that Kratom offer me better relief then any of the drugs she has prescribed me.
sean smith United States
I use it for nerve pain...please keep it legal I don't want to do drugs!
Cody Thompson USA
Changed my life, completely harmless. Being targeted because of its effectiveness vs prescription meds.
Miguel Delaguila USA
I consider it the second best plant and herb on earth!!!
chad m jewell USA
This got me off of prescription pain killers
Amanda Lyon USA
Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power. ~P.J. O'Rourke
Jacob Blanchard United States
Kratom has been the only substance that has been beneficial for me in dealing with depression, and all of the various inhibiting symptoms associated. This plant should be kept legal so that it's medicinal qualities can be further studied.
Tracy L. Khan United States
In my experience Kratom has never gotten me "high". It has, however, allowed me to get off of very high dosages & very strong prescription medication. Kratom takes care of my chronic pain without making me feel like a zombie or sick to my stomach!
Brandon Thompson United States
I have Systemic Lupus, and take Kratom for pain relief in between medicine. I really don't know how I would survive otherwise, I couldn't even get out of bed. I know many others like me who need something to help them out of bed. Thank you!
Roger Hymas England
This is a very helpful plant. Governments ban plants like this because they're a threat to big pharmaceutical companies profit. If they really cared about people they'd support herbal remedies and ban the proven harmful drugs like tobacco and alcohol.
Peggy J. Bird Hill usa
I have had severe chronic back pain for over 30 years, and now have fibromyalgia as well. Modern medicine is no help, labeling me as drug seeking, etc. Kratum has been a god send, allowing me remarkable pain relief without being misjudged by doctors
Cason G Moon U.S.A
Kratom should always be legal. It doesn't do anything bad for anybody. It's a stress reliever and it's very enjoyable. It's not even as bad as tobacco or smoking cigarettes. I never got addicted to it. If anything, ban herbal incense and bath salts.
Mike Smith USA
This plant does wonders, please don't take our last legal miracle plant away from us.
Andy F. United States
Please keep Kratom legal! It it incredibly beneficial for people who suffer from various ailments such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, gastrointestinal ailments, and depression & it is incredibly safe compared to many prescription medications.
casey allen grinnell united states
Kratom is completely safe when used responsibly and is honestly less addictive than coffee.
Ralph Willis USA
Kratom is an absolutely incredible herb. It provides a safe, natural alternative to many much less safe, synthetic anxiety and depression medicines which have been completely protected by law for decades. Keep kratom legal, please.
bryan jones USA
Kratom is a huge part of my life. It helps immensely with my depression and back pain. It is completely safe and all natural. Why anyone would want to ban it for reasons other than money is beyond me...
David Meschter USA
I am a 56 year old professional who has sucessfully used plain leaf kratom for over five years to manage my anxiety and mood disorder. This natural leaf has proven far more effective than the pharmasuticals I had been prescribed with far fewer comlpications. To ban this leaf because irresposible basement chemists can make unhealthy concoctions is like banning chocolate because it comes from the same plant that crack comes from. Limiting sales to minors may be prudent, but banning it is knee jerk reaction not worthy of a responsible and caring elected public official (unless they are merely doing the bidding of their BigPharma benefactors - which makes it worse).
Kathryn lund U.K
I have seen my husband before Kratom:
In pain, sleeping all the time, no outlook for the future.
taking Kratom: Pain manageable, Happy mood, positive outlook.
How and why would the government want to take this amazing plant away?
Sean Shepherd USA
Kratom has been a godsend to me, both helping me kick some nasty habits, and improving my mental and physical health. As far as I can tell, there is no great danger in using the substance. I have used it for a long while, and feel no deleterious effects.
David Rosenberg United Kingdom
It has been the most effective and natural way of dealing with depression and anxiety for me, allowing me to live, work and enjoy my relationships with my loved ones.
michael lofton united states
keep kratom legal!!!
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