We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Linda Tice United States
my husband has suffered from daily migraine since he was 7. This herb is the only thing that gives him relief without any side effects.
Benjamin Thompson USA
I have been taking Kratom now for over a year. No side effects what so ever. I used to be prescribed pain medication for my back which came with many side effects. I have not taken prescription pain medication in over a year now due to kratom.
Bryce Burns United States
This herb is a miracle cure for my anxiety, depression, and back pain. It works better, and has no side effects compared to the pharmaceuticals the doctors put me on.
David Thompson USA
Kratom works great as a pain relief product. It's a natural plant and should be available to consumers.
jordan roland United States
Kratom has helped me in so many ways. There is no reason my this stuff should be made illegal.
Kaye Watson USA
I'm currently in pain management for hip pain, which I recently had total hip replacement. Now trying to wean myself off a very powerful pain med, and Kratom is helping me do that.
scotty armstrong united states
This plant is a blessing. I respect and use this plant spiritually. Dont we have the right to religion?
Thomas E Vasquez USA
It helped me get off my addiction to Hydrocodone, and now I manage the pain I get in my legs and lower back. I only take Kratom when the pain is really bad, which is about every 3 to 4 days and I do not crave Kratom like I did Hydrocodone
Eric J Kyte United States of America
God put it here for a reason, its natural. It could have and DOES have so many benefits
michael roberts usa
Such a beautiful remedy to life
Roy Brubaker United States
I prefer this for pain over prescription drugs that can be physically addictive and cause you to feel "spaced out."
Garrett Haae United States
Thanks to Kratom, I am able to cope with my chronic pain without perscription pain killers, that only made me feel worse.
Justin Jackson United States
It is a amazing plant !
Blake Piercy United States
I'm a disabled Navy vet, kratom helps keep me away from the hydrocodone my doctor prescribes, works better and doesn't leave me trembling mess if I run out.
David Whalen US
Helped me stop using prescription opiates and keeps my pain under control!

Please don't ban
Jodi Goebel United States
I have suffered from chronic pain for more than a decade and kratom is such a huge relief to me. If it becomes illegal I have no idea what I will do.
Colby Stewart United States
Kratom is misrepresented in the media. In its pure form, It's a completely natural and beneficial herb. I have used it for chronic pain and to treat my Borderline Personality Disorder, a disorder to which there is no natural remedy for. It is NOT harmful.
Adrienne Pyle us
For people with opiate addiction due to pain management like my husband and I, kratom is a life saver and I want to keep it legal. I'm tired of the government taking good given herbal remedies away from the people.
Erik Anton Estridge USA
Kratom is great for my severe Social Phobia, Meds don't work like Ktatom does. Please Keep Kratom Legal or I'll never leave my Apt. again. Thanks!
christopher kolk usa
please study it before banning it. It is so much more helpful to me than pharma drugs.
chris knapp USA
Although I have yet to see any effectiveness in petitions in my home state and the powers that be are certain to succeed in their ban I hold on to hope that if together we stand the truth shall be understood concerning kratom safety and its uses.
gabriel james clear usa
kratom is miracly amazing..... naturally benificial!
gabriel james clear usa
Kratom?...I no longer need methadone for pain, or brisperol for high anxiety, kratoms helped me in more than one way. TRUTH!,,,,,, its truely, and naturally amazing!!
Danette Woolstenhulme United States
Kratom is an amazing plant that helps people in all walks of life. Please don't take this wonderful plant from us. Thank you.
Chris L US
Kratom saved my life. I had a severe opiate addiction and kratom allowed me to clean up and turn myself around. This plant has given me my life back and has enabled me to re-enter society as productive and happy person. Please do not take this herb away.
Kratom has changed my life, as well as thousands of people I have grown to know over the last few years. I have also taken Kratom almost daily with no adverse side effects what so ever. Stopping has no effect what so every either at about 10 grams a day.
Brandon Kurtz USA
Keep it legal
Alexander Aversano United States
I am a Disabled US Army Veteran - I served in Iraq . I deal with daily chronic pain do to injures that occurred while serving.

I have gone though years of the opiate roller coaster. Kratom allowed me to be free of ALL opiate use.
Tom Thompson United States
I am 65 years old and my scores on Lumosity are always higher when I have taken Kratom. I also enjoy working with my clients more, enjoy every aspect of my life more. I just went totally off Kratom for several days and did not have any withdrawals at all
Michael Claus USA
As a full time student with a full time job, Kratom helps me immensely. The stress and anxiety melt away and I can focus on priorities. I also enjoy Kratom as an alternative to a beer or wine as alcohol addiction runs in my family, while Kratom is much safer and cost effective.
Michael J Pelletier United States
Kratom helps me everyday with the aches and pains from a car accident. i was so tired of taking Narcotics. Kratom Has delivered me from the depths of depression from chronic pain and discomfort.It actually gives me energy and takes away my discomfort.
Andrew zeiger United states
Kratom has helped me so much with chronic pain and fatigue. I find it relatively non addictive and it doesn't affects ability to function on a day to day basis the way some prescription drugs have.
Jakob US
A wonderful gentle herbal medicine.
peter ward UK
A wonderful herb with many uses.
Mistie Clemmerson United States
My bestfriend has to have this tea to function. Please dont take it away. It is vital for him.
Peter Ward UK
The best natural pain relief there is.
Kelly McComb USA
I use kratom to treat extreme chronic degenerative disk disease in my neck. Since I started kratom (over a year ago), I now take NO pain meds, inflam reducers or muscle relaxers. This is the most incredible pain reliever I have EVER seen, and I want to keep it legal for just that reason.
Barrett Lee Wissell Usa
Keep kratom legal! It literally saves lives. It is not a drug or synthetic.
Chad Willson US
Keep Kratom Legal!
Gabrielle callea united States
I have suffered from depression and chronic inexplicable pain for almost all my life. Nothing has ever offered this kind of relief without some sort of debilitating side effect. Kratom gave me my life back.
Josie USA
It is NOT a drug but does seem to help some people..but out FDA
Dustin W. Barr United States of America
Some vendors misrepresent Kratom, and promote misuse for counter productive reasons. Go after these irresponsible vendors, not the safe, effective herb Kratom. Kratom has been the best HERBAL MEDICINE I've ever used once upon a time. KRATOM IS NO DANGER.
Ryan Malotte United States
If Kratom were to be illegalized im sure i'm not the only one who would just go back to heroin and shit..

Kratom is such a better choice than opiates, they are way too addictive and very dangerous too.
Joshua J Rhodes U.S.
Natural herbs should not be illegal!
Sasoon Faghibegloo United States
It is not something that should become illegal.
Jeff White U.S.
They are legalizing POT!!! But yet they want to make Kratom illegal! That's smart people for ya!
Cathey J Shaw usa
don't make something that is works so well for chronic pain patients away when they cant take horrific rx meds that will in fact kill them in the long run!
Lyndon Price U.S.
Please allow us to safely treat ourselves to better quality of life.
Thank You
Lyndon Price-
David Therriault Canada
I have chronic back pain and kratom is the only medicine i have found to effectively relieve my pain while keeping me alert and able to keep up to the high demands of my busy lifestyle.
David H Cohen USA
Our society passes ridiculous laws prohibiting and restricting natural remedies but allows toxic pharmaceuticals to become our main course. Take the time to sign-
paul cartelli jr United States
Keep it legal. Make it available. Education helps clear up any misunderstanding.
Donald Michael Bjerson United States of America
It's a wonderful solution to many terrible problems like pain, addiction to harmful substances and anxiety.

My life is so much better since I found Kratom.
Jim Thomas United States
It's natural. I've never used it but it helps people alot and making it illegal is unnecessary.
pietro comini Belgium
Great help, no addiction. An excellent natural healthy way to withdraw opiates and eventually benzodiazepines and antidepressants. Fight depression, stress and pain.
Nathan W usa
This is a great product that helps people naturally.
Jarad Buckwold Canada
I suffer from depression, depersonalization disorder and an avoidant personality. Kratom helps me deal with my issues far more safely than prescription drugs. How can I freely buy the far more deadly alcohol but not this?
Dawn W USA
I've had several accidents concerning my back and need a surgery I can't pay for, and kratom now keeps me going. I'm off pain pills and would never take them again. I'm so thankful for all the benefits of kratom. Please keep it legal.
Sally Hill Usa
I wld b dead from opiates if it werent for Kratom. I have severe type 4 cancer like pain, a chronic life long illness. Opiates dont work and r addictive. Kratom works and now so can i. I have children counting on me too.
Marty Branson USA
This plant changed my life.I suffer from anxiety and it helps to keep me functioning.It's as safe as coffee.
Kratom help me for stress! Keep it legal.
Kevin H. United States
Years of pain medication and pain management with continued decreases in overall function. Finding Kratom has got me back to normal, working, and I feel like myself again. It is a wonderful herbal product and there should be no question of it's legality.
Erin Hicks United States
The age at which one may purchase mitragyna speciosa ought to be the only restriction put on kratom products. It is only common sense!
A Mind For All USA
Kratom is a better alternative for pain than the prescribed painkillers the pharma companies make,(that get people addicted and are not organic to begin with and painkillers also have the potential to harm other parts of the body).
Whitney Russo usa
Kratom has helped me with my back pain in a safe manner. There is a lot of misinformation about this plant. I would honestly say caffeine is more dangerous for some than this plant is for anyone. It has been beneficial for many people.
laura flint usa
I have witnessed how Kratom reduces debilitating headache pain when nothing else works. This is without the negative side effects and rebound pain that accompany narcotic medications.

Please keep kratom legal!
Auston Smith United States
Kratom is helping thousands of people daily and without it they would be suffering. Alcohol does more damage.
Quincy D Hardy U.S.A
Using kratom for chronic pain and ADHD has almost eliminated my need for daily use of narcotic prescription medications and I have not experienced any negative side effects.
Ron hooper United States
Alcohol kills people. Sniffing gas kills people. There always a risk in life but you must weigh in the pros and cons. Mother nature can help us stop altering and we may have a chance.
Amy Beecher USA
My boyfriend can date me, rather than be lost in a world of chronic pain, because of Kratom.
B Segroves USA
Some people's systems can't tolerate manmade pharmaceuticals for chronic pain. I am one of those people. Don't illegalize something that is doing so much good for so many people.
Damian San Miguel United States Nebraska
Kratom should never even be thought of as something dangerous or something one can abuse its a herb that helps me and alot of other people that have problems also including health stress and pain
Nick glover Canada
Kratom is a wonderful and useful herb that has helped improve my quality of life I can't see why anyone would want to ban this
christopher Leipler United States
I use Kratom for my back, it works better than any prescription!
Philp Cibor USA
Kratom has greatly improved the quality of my life. No longer am I dependent upon dangerous prescription drugs to combat my anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. After 20 years of struggle, I finally feel like a normal human being. Keep it Legal!
tamie puglisa USA
this helps my son when he can get it. this is a plant why do people want to make plants illegal is beyond me. EGO can be the only reason. so sad please save the plants that help humans even if it doesn't help you. thank you.
Morgan Svensson USA
I use kratom for my back pain instead of using dangerous and costly prescription drugs. This has worked for years for me.
William Ryan Cashman United States
Kratom is the only holistic herbal remedy to curb my anxiety and help with my back pain without needing to take dangerous and expensive prescription drugs.
Darryl Phillip Fraser United States
Kratom has greatly improved the quality of my life. No longer am I dependent upon dangerous prescription drugs to combat my anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. After 20 years of struggle, I finally feel like a normal human being. Keep it Legal!
Ashleigh Leck United Kingdom
This wonderful leaf has cured my alcoholism of 20 years. It has saved my life!
Matt Reynolds USA
Keep it legal. Make it available. Education helps clear up any misunderstanding.
Nick Tackett United States
I use Kratom for severe back pain because I want to avoid addiction like what happened with my own mother. It was a terrible affliction that took her before I could find anything to help her. I don't want that to happen to me. Keep Kratom Legal!
Roscoe Clay usa
alcohol Is the real killer so ban that.
jena green USA
U had bacj surgery and can't take opiate so kratom is only things that work
jim dead johnson United States
Kratom is help my life tremendously I think it would be appropriate to keep it legal for adult use the government would rather have cigarettes and alcohol legal instead of something that helps uss people need to be responsible its a benefit for mankind
Ervin Kalic USA
It has proven medicinal health benefits and it is very safe and natural, this has been scientifically proven.
Derek La Shot United States
Though I think prohibition generally is bad policy, since it generates more problems than it solves and does not achieve its purported goal, I especially think any movements to ban this natural, relatively healthy drug are absurd.
Stephen Jacobs United States
Kratom eliminated my mother's severe alcohol addiction and depression.
Jyoti Aurora United Kingdom
Has found no harmful effects of this plant and have only benefited from its effects and can see no reason as to why it should be illegal.
Anthony Erbes United States
This plant has helped me get off of drugs that kill you. I wish I would have known about this years ago. Some close friends of mine would still be alive to this day if I had. Kratom needs to be known by everyone in every house.
Kristen Newman USA
This plant is helping me get off two medications that have toxic side effects. I wish I had found it years ago and am very dismayed to realize I may only have it for a short while longer.
robert smith usa
kratom saved my life
Kenneth Landon USA
Keep the Government out of our private Business!
Rita Italy
Kratom has saved my daughter from opiates addiction . Please keep legal
tammy rivet United States
Kratom has helped and continues to help so many people in so many different ways. It is not a DRUG it is a natural herb that provides responsible results for many people.
eric ashby united states of america
Kratom has changed my life...I'm no longer on opiates
Serena Anselmi Italy
Kratom help me to reduce withdrawl pains. Legalise kratom is a great and important lesson of morality and humanity.
Robert Swain U.S.
Laura S United States
This herb has several beneficial properties. Please don't ban because stupid kids try to misuse
Jennifer Ann Torres USA
This is a miracle remedy for chronic pain sufferers. After taking so any prescription pain meds for my RA, I've found that Kratom is truly the best remedy!
Barbie DeVellis USA
I personally find Kratom very helpful. It is a great alternative to dangerous pain medications that consist of opiates and are EXTREMELY addictive. KRATOM helps with pain, withdrawal when stopping opiates and DOES NOT cause any high. It is Natural, Safe and EFFECTIVE without all the dangerous side effects of opiates or suboxone!!!
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