We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Carl David Allen ,Jr. United States
It says right in the boble in Genesis, that God gave us EVERY plant and herb to use, so if this is made illegal, then you are going against God's words...Just like they did with marijuana
Kathleen Nowicki USA
Keep Kratom legal! Much needed for well being.
Steve Hoban UK
Really helps me with my GAD and depression. I used to buy street drugs (not a lot but just enough to be able to get out there and live).
Danny Varano United States
Kratom has helped me get off dangerous narcotic street drugs and prescriptions
Christine Erickson USA
Kratom has done wonders for me and my customers with chronic pain. It is is an organic medication that must continue on to do great things.
John Evans UK
It's the only product that keeps me productive, healthy and away from benzos and other harmful medication.
Michael Hardesty USA
I hit a semi head on 5 years ago. I had multiple neck fractures, nerve damage, and ruptured disks in my lower back. In the last year I ruptured another disk in my back. I live in terrible pain every day. Kratom helps me get through the day and it is safe.
Matthew Davis United states
Please oh please keep it legal. I can't go back to opiates!!!!
Dana Dawn DePuy Joule USA
Kratom saves lives! Prescriptions kill ;)
james gardner united states
I use to be a alcoholic bad drank everyday and got dui after ai and so on. I could never hold a job and jratom has changed all that for me. a little every day keeps me going and is a light buzz like coffe that really works wonders, please don't take this
brandon tyler marvel usa
it shold not be restricted
Tim Walton Canada
Kratom has been the game changer in my life of pain! We, as responsible adults, do not want to see Gods gift banned. Please stop listening to myth filled "news" reports and listen to those whose suffering is lessened by this miracle plant.
Sheridan Ward Us
As of a longtime sufferer of Fibromyalgia, PCOS and TMJ , Kratom has been my savior. No more hard narcotics that I can barely concentrate on. Sleeping is easy and pain is no longer an everyday task. Please keep this legal.
Kristina Kocmich United states
Keep kratom legal
Rianna Fierke United States
Kratom is natural. It doesn't impair your ability to go about your daily routine. It doesn't impair judgement. It's a very useful tool for those who were or are addicted to opiates to steer away from using. There is NO reason for it to be illegal.
Michael SanSoucie United States
This wonderful herb has stabilized my metabolism, as well as relieving depression and anxiety. A godsend!
Julie Lockman United States
this herb has been fantastic in the relief of pain in our family...... please keep it legal. It is safe and very effective in fighting pain and depression
Adrian Pruitt United States
I'm a disabled Vet with severe chronic pain and this natural product has already started to give me my life back.
mark schneider u.s.a.
after yrs of daily hydrocodone for back pain now use kratom instead with better results helps with anxiety and mild depression as well
Ashlee King U.S.A.
This blessed plant has helped me more than opioids. I am a 26 year old woman who is sick to death of being handed a prescription of oxycodone. Please, I beg of you, keep kratom available!!!
No more need for harmful pain meds.
travis mangum united states
Helped my back pain
Sarah henggeler united states
Kratom has helped my pain so surgery is not necessary.
Callum Hughes UK
Keep it legal. Don't be a tool.
Michael Damon United States
The only thing that helps my pain without the bad side effects
Nathan Warnke United States
Kratom is a powerful botanical that contains 20x the antioxidants of green tea. It decreases inflammation and reduces pain. When I got the common cold kratom knocked it out in nothing flat. Kratom should be stored in every house hold like bandaids
Travis Henslee texas united states
Best thing I have found to help me live normal life. Its helped me get well and feel like myself again.
bronwyn Bentley USA
Kratom is an herb just like any other herbal remedy you can purchase at a drugstore. You can compare to ginko,ginseng,saint johns wart, ect. Taken appropriately it has helped me with depression,anxiety,and back pain from degenerative disk disease.
Brach Hendrickson United States of America
I'm23 and I suffer from chronic lower back pain and fibromyalgia. I had been prescribed 6 Ultram a day for the pain and was becoming extremely addicted to a (so called safe pain pill).I discovered Kratom, an all natural miracle and no longer need Ultram!!
James Tuttle USA
Great for natural energy without the caffeine jitters and helps with my headaches without the schedule II drugs.
Nickola Konovalov United States
Kratom helped me fight vicodin addiction with out any withdrawald. Il be damed if doctors expect us to take methadone or subaxone with carrie another withdrawal keep kratom legal.
Jamie Casey United States
Thank God for Kratom. I suffer from occipital neuralgia or the "suicide disease" because people cannot take the pain and there is no real treatment. Without kratom I would not be here!
Lisa Petty USA
I am sober from a crippling pain pill addiction thanks to Kratom. I do not need to use it daily, but I did take mountains of pills daily. I can't say enough about the positive impact it can have on our country and addicts.
Adam Kolnitys U.S.
Kratom is one of the most incredible herbs I've encountered.
Catherine Sue Luttrell USA
I want to thank all who have a played a role from infancy to consumption regarding herbal medicine. I appreciate and applaud your dedication and passion to help others in need.
Ali Kadoura USA
Keep this precious plant available. It has changed lives.
Jamie L Myers USA
Kratom has helped me overcome my painkiller addiction due to breaking my lower vertibre when i was nineteen.
Henryk L Simpson united kingdom
The occasional use of kratom has helped me overcome alcohol. why are so many substances banned when something as destructive and addictive as alcohol is condoned and advertised on tv. i have known far more peoples lives ruins by alcohol than drugs.
Kendy Widjaya Indonesia
I use kratom tea for treating my chronic back & neck pain, also my muscles cramp due to brain damage from drugs.
Steven S Mondini USA
This stuff saved my life literally. I was on a very high kilogram of methadone for many years. When I decided to stop the methadone cold turkey this was the only stuff that helped. No detox and no more pain. Whoever found this stuff should get the Nobell
Karl Swanson USA
Helps with my headaches
Timothy Shaun Tracy United States
got tired of taking harmful narcotic pain killers.
kratom works just as good, and is much safer. so why should that be taken away from us.
jason hersha united states
i love kratom and i would take an oath to do everything in my power to keep it legal. the thought of not being able to legally get n use kratom is actually sickening... KEEP IT LEGAL!!!!
Ross McAden United States
Helps with many different problems such as anxiety, depression, and social problems. I don't understand why people say it is a high.
Joni M. Miner USA
I live with chronic pain, I spent 10 years on heavy narcotics but am off all medications and find that kratom works better, lasts longer, has "NO SIDE EFFECTS" and controls my pain for 24 hours not 12 like the narcotics claimed and really only lasted 8.
Jack Silverman USA
Dont bother putting a ban on this stuff or everyone and their mothers will be growing it just to show the pharma lords who is still boss
laura c. diaz United states
I suffer from fibromyalgia, attention deficit disorder and depression. Before Kratom, I was sentenced to a life of dangerous narcotics and mind altering antidepressants, with Kratom, I can live pain free, focused and not drug dependant.
Julie Connors USA
It is very important to me that this be kept legal as it aids both my crippling pain and helps calm my nerves. I have agoraphobia and this helps me feel not so anxious and at the same time it takes the edge off the pain.
Kay boudin USA
Greg Verner Canada
We cannot make much noise about this or the big Pharma companies will stomp this out. I needs to be sold directly as a diet supplement, in order to keep it safe. I think they have bigger fish to fry at the moment eg. Marijuana
Helen Hotston Canada
"This plant is absolutely essential for some people - To ban the use of this medicine would be like banning the use of insulin for diabetics. It can be the difference between a life perceptively worth living and one that is not worth living in affliction"
Kym Jones United States
Use for nerve damage. Don't get "high" just dulls the pain.
Amy Haney U.S.A.
I have chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis and other health problems. Kratom manages my pain, and has allowed me to get off daily morphine. I love that it's natural and that I don't feel like a zombie as I did on prescriptions from the pain clinic.
Jack Orbia Hatcher III United States of America
This plant is absolutely essential for some people - To ban the use of this medicine would be like banning the use of insulin for diabetics. It can be the difference between a life perceptively worth living and one that is not worth living in affliction.
Jake Harper USA
The idea of kratom ever becoming illegal is so wrong on so many levels, and I truly feel sorry for the areas where it is already so. The comments in the signatures are a beautiful testament however, and I hope they all sink in around the world.
Traci Dillard United States
Keep Kratom Legal!
Robert Malogne United States
I have severe pain from a past accident cutting a tendon in half. Perscription pain killers have always given me too many negative side effects, so I've searched for a long time for a natural alternative. Kratom was just that. I am so thankful for it.
Brandon Hill United States
Kratom should be no more restricted than coffee.
merrill j miller United States
a worthwhile medicinal herb.
Dustin Cox Usa
As a former drug addict who was hospitalized several times because of the damaging effects I find kratom to be a safe alternative to other pharmaceutical opioids
Patt Frymire USA
PLEASE keep it legal...Me and my fiancé are REALLY depending on this to get thru MAJOR pain,as well as panic/anxiety attacks and stress. THANKS!
John Colter United States
Kratom has made my quality of life immeasurably better. I've suffered from chronic depression along with anxiety for over 15 years. I've been prescribed many different medications and nothing has helped nearly as well as Kratom.
CARL E CRATER JR United States
Taken for arthritis I have found it dulls the pain better than prescription medication I was on and it's all natural
karen mcmullen United States
for once, leave something that is not harmful but helpful alone. Tylenol is more dangerous, it kills your liver , there are many many deaths and over doses but that is legal, then there is alcohol , how much damage does that cause, but Kratom nothing.
Joseph Reckert United States
Great plant with numerous benefits.
dean keenan conkling usa
it helped me get sober.been clean for 4 years because of kratom
rick USA
Its just the way of the government, if you can enjoy it and have fun or get relief without having to pay millions to big name corps. Its gotta go. I hope this objection to that helps in some small way.
Sam Smith Canada
Love Kratom - as it helps with my anxiety and depression and no side effects
Michael Aasen USA
Leave us alone instead of protecting the profits of pharmaceutical companies. We know what this is really about.
Justin Hamline USA
Kratom has help with my depression,ADD,and Restless Leg Sydrome. Keep it legal.
Michael Christian Garcia USA
I have used kratom to get off of suboxone which is a medicine to help with withdraws from opiates. Kratom single handedly allowed me to ween myself off of everything without terrible side effects and I am living proof that Kratom has great medical value.
Hayden D. Grover United States
Kratom has helped me with my depression, irritability, anxiety, sleep, and so much more. Kratom makes me a happier person and people enjoy being around me again. I DO NOT get a 'high' from Kratom.
aaron james thomas United States
Please do not illegalize this beneficial plant!
John tracy u.s.a.
God sent!
Tyler Callahan USA
Kratom is a very harmless substance compared to pharmaceutical painkillers and has so many more uses than just pain relief.
sal frasco usa
Off the pain pills . Good for pain mgt. without side effects.
Christiana Meyer United States
I have herniated discs in my lower back and have spent a significant amount of time in near excruciating pain. I have been prescribed all types of pain medicines with nasty side effects. I can honestly say that the Kratom works better without side effects
KyleF United States
Kratom is a herb with limitless uses, a natural replacement for countless medications that are harmful, addictive and that put money into the pockets of the rich. Kratom has never harmed me physically, mentally, vocationally, academically or emotionally.
Lucas Stevens United States
I enjoy this herb primarily for its pain relieving and sedating abilities. Scheduling this drug will serve only to drive its use and cultivation underground, using police forces on a trivial manner, instead of on protecting innocent people.
Antonia Ruth Garcia USA
I can say with honesty that this herb has helped me transform my life into something healthier and I have had NO negative reactions to it in any way.
Matthew Flanagan United States
Kratom took me away from a terrible opiate addiction. Gave my life back to my wife and daughter. I was slipping away in depression on pharmaceutical opiates and Kratom gives me so much positive energy and life back.
bambi anderson United States
I have had enough of this country deciding for me how I should or should not live my life. If I choose to take a more natural approach to maintaining my health, I should have the right to do that..Last I checked, this was not a dictatorship!
Patrick Ryan USA
Please keep this holistic plant legal.
Richard Lopeman United States
I had been using physician prescribed opiates for over ten years for chronic back pain and subsequent surgeries, including a failed two level fusion. Kratom has helped me far more than the opiates, with no addiction or withdrawal.
Kyle Linville United States
Kratom has allowed me to live a normal life after 2 years of opiate abuse. It helps my back pain, Generalized anxiety disorder, and atypical depression. this herb is a godsend if you ask me.
Russell Veroba Canada
Any thing that grows wild was evolved by nature for a purpose. Keep it legal,
Christopher Reynolds USA
This is a miracle herb.
Please keep the signatures coming.
Michael Smith USA
Kratom has been hugely beneficial, relieving arthritis pain, along with pain in my feet caused by many injuries. The side-effects are minimal and I don't get withdrawal symptoms associated with finishing a long-term codeine or morphine prescription.
Sheryl Broadwater USA
Can be the difference between a life on medication or a natural solution for chronic pain patients.
Addison Brewer USA
This is a miracle drug. If you make it illegal you will make people suffer.
Hugo Angulo United States
Brandon G united states
I finally found something natural that is legal as well to help with my anxiety disorder.It would be a shame to take away what helps many people with everything from pain relief to withdrawals from the harmful LEGAL drugs!
David Lewallen United States
I was on prescribed pain killers for 3 years and since Oct 2012 after finding kratom I have been narcotic free. I am appauled that people want to ban something so beneficial that has no side effects to me.
David Anthony Cagle United States of America
Kratom does not make you high. It is stimulating, and therapeutic. I find there to be less side effects than caffeine. I find depression to be less existent during and after ingestion, and my overall well-being and take on life to be more positive.
Rachel bree calloway Usa
Kratom has helped me stop illigal narcotics
Courtney Kinkoph USA
This wonderful plant is the reason I am able to get through my day. I would much rather consume this plant than the harmful medications I was on. Please don't take this away from us.
Jennifer Batchler United States
By banning the natual remedies those of us rely to make it thru even one day pain free, the politicians continue to show their ignorance and arrogance Keep Kratom Legal!
Todd Alan USA
Leave kratom alone. It works quite well for me and I have reduced several medications.
Ethan L. Hawke AMERICA
please keep it legal!
Jonathan Horwitzer USA
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