We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Gary Jackson USA
Kratom was how I managed the pain from Parvo.
When my Dr. told me Parvo could take two years to get out of my I started looking for a way to handle the pain. I didn't want two years of Opiate's. Kratom gives almost no "high". Much less than a few drinks.
Chris lindbak Us
Kratom is a great natural alternative to chemicals in modern medicine
Richard Metcalfe United States
Keeps me from needing to take xanax for my anxiety and panic attacks. There's no way I can work on xanax, but kratom keeps me functional and calm so that I can work with people without too much social anxiety.
Maxine E. Jones USA
I needed more and more pain killers for chronic fibromyalgia pain, they stopped working. I was afraid of withdrawals. I prayed and the Lord led me to it.It literally saved my life. The best pain killer available. Thank God for Kratom.Please keep legal.
O Meiring USA
Kratom has been an excellent pain manager and relaxant for me as I am not able to use marijuana legally in various states I travel to in the USA. I have experienced no negative side-effects or addiction. Please keep this healing plant legal and available!
James Lennon USA
Kratom is being categorized with dangerous chemicals such as bath salts and synthetic Marijuana. Kratom is a useful herb for helping me relax since I am not able to use Marijuana legally in my state and as a diabetic I can not drink.
robert mathis United States
Kratom has helped me turn my life around and get off strong pain meds
Emmit Riley Blackmon United States
I use Kratom for my pain and mental disorders. It is better than any pill that I have ever been prescribed by a Dr. for these things. Don't make Kratom illegal and then say that Alcohol and Tobacco can stay legal...that's wrong. Set an age limit.
Daniel Petty United States
It is not in the interest of anyone but the DEA and the pharmaceutical companies to ban this plant for any reason. It is useful, safe when used properly, and generally not more potent than coffee. It helps manage pain and anxiety with few side effects.
Sarah Harvey USA
Please keep this herb legal. Help to get rid of misinformation that may taint the reputation of this healthy herb. Kratom is helping my chronic knee pain without the use of addictive pills. Stop the bad press about this product. Thanks.
E Corbett United States
I was able to stop taking powerful opiate painkillers due to a herniated L4-L5 disc in my spine. 2 years jacked up on percocet because I didn't know about Kratom. Now, many might possibly lose that help due to ignorance and hysteria. Help us... please.
Nolan R Albrecht usa
Kratom has been a godsend for my depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. It has also saved me an innumerable amount of money on health care and prescriptions that would likely be more dangerous.
Tara Salerno US
Keep us from getting addicted to prescription drugs and offers the freedom to get off the drugs. Why get rid of a leaf that can work such miracles, unless someone out there is benefiting from big Pharma??!! it has been a life saver for me.
John Davis United States
Please support this plant which improves the lives of so many people in a safe and sustainable way. Not only are pharmaceuticals more dangerous, but they are less accessible than kratom and keep people in systems of poverty and oppression.
Paul M Stout USA
Mitragyna speciosa is of tremendous benefit to many people. It's a very low risk supplement, comparable perhaps to caffeine. There is no real benefit in banning mitragyna speciosa leaves.
Joanna Henson US
I have Stage IV endometriosis, and when my doctors would no longer prescribe hydrocodone for me for my pain, my friend recommended Kratom. It saved me from horrible withdrawal symptoms from the hydrocodone, and helps my pain. Keep it legal!
Wayne Roznak United States
This is an extremely important medicinal plant.
Margaret Burton United States
it is a life saver
Danielle Siegel USA
Very safe and harmless. Stop big Pharma from taking this useful plant from us!!
Alison Page United States
This plant is completely safe and has afforded me relief from a lifetime of anxiety and depression.
John W Glover USA
This is a miracle plant! And is mild and safe!
PLease do your research and you will only have one thing to do, which is nothing let this plant continue to be bought and sold with no undue regulations!

Thanks Johnny
Ryan Matthew Hartford United States
I have never used Kratom to get 'high' Kratom is a very useful substance to help alleviate the symptoms of a myriad of different conditions.
theresa morgan usa
need surgery in both knees and Achilles cannot afford could not work without non- narcotic option for pain
Laurie S USA
Kratom has completely cured my insomnia when no other prescription could. Please keep this wonderful herb legal!
Daniel Baxter United States
Kratom is a helpful plant
alton Mitchell United States
Please keep kratom legal it has saved my life! It has afforded me a norm
Kristopher Rosenlof USA
Keep Kratom legal.. it has helped me get over my back pain without horrible addictive pills. This plant serves no threat to anyone and the idiots that make it look like a legal high are ruining it for people with actual medical problems.
Bonnie Blue USA
The ONLY possible reason for not legalizing kratom is bc the health care industry in America is for profit- enter a natural plant that works better than any pharmaceutical, and oh no, the drug companies aren't making money. $ISNOT>PEOPLE
Jimmy Carvalho Brasil
It makes my pain go away. Kratom really helps me.
Kate Cornelia Meibauer USA
This plant has saved my life and I will fight for it. I spent my whole life on Narcotic medication including Xanex which caused me seizures. How can my country care so little about people like me?
Shaun Donahue U.S.
Absolutely love kratom and all of its benefits. I suffer from back pain and depression and kratom has helped improve my quality of life in leaps and bounds.
Nathan Miller usa
Has great benefit to me with depression and ooccasional pn
Thomas More Malkowicz USA
Kratom is good Mm'Kay
Soraya tebbani UK
Stop messing with our health ... Keep your chemicals if you wNt don't you dare me that I am not allowed to use plants !!!!
Ailsa United Kingdom
tom tacovone usa
kratom should be legal world wide!!!!
Annie Wall canada
keep this wonderful herb legal!
Mary Jennifer Spengler USA
Kratom is a life-saver!
rocky lord United States
Awesome product! Keep it Legal!!!
Nancy Lyon-Gray United States
Kratom has really helped with my pain management - as my back pain is chronic. I am sick of fighting for drugs that will help me with my back only to be looked down upon red flagged for some unknown reason. People have pain - deal with it.
Justin United states
I've had back pain for years and have been addicted to pain killers for several years couldn't keep a job due to my addiction now that I've found kratom my life is finally back to normal I got a job an I'm doing very good kratom saved my life
Tyler W. Smith United States
Kratom has helped me in so many ways! In times of stress, or depression, the aid of kratom has always been a great remedy.
I have torn muscles in my back, and bad knees. I have had psychiatric help - Depression & anxiety.
Kratom helps! Keep it legal!
Margaret Ann Williams USA
This plant is grown from our Earth. Do not let it be taken away! It helps and not harms!
Andrew Weber USA
Kratom provides me with pain relief without the harmful side effects and dependency problems associated with prescription pain relievers. Please don't cave into big pharma. Keep this precious plant legal. Thank you.
jonathan david holmes usa
Stop big pharma tyrant!
Debra USA
It is sad Kratom is under attack, this has helped myself and thousands naturally for many years. Meanwhile, there are scientists in OH trying to harness and synthetically compound the properties for Big Pharma to cash in.
Paul Olmstead USA
Let's focus on other things besides plants Unc. Sam
Tanner W USA
Keep Kratom legal!
Marisol Cahill USA
this herb has helped a great deal
tyler potts USA
Kratom is an important substance that only heals not harms unlike pharama drugs it has saved me from opiate addiction and it is benign please avoid over regulatory non sense and leave kratom alone
Christian Henderson USA
Corey UK
Best painkiller you can get
Mattias Kramtori USA
Safe in moderation, like almost everything else. Keep it legal.
Shawn Langford united states
The only product that has ever helped me.
Micah Jahns United States
Kratom is not dangerous and has many positive uses, such as pain relief.
Josh Richardson United States
Kratom is amazing.
Chris McNabb United States
Kratom is the bomb. So helpful.
Michael Primak United States
Safer than marijuana and with more benefits.
michael capace United States
I battle with Lupus and was looking for something to help with the pain and fatigue my doctor prescribed oxycodine which helps but is very addicting my daughter was getting concerned and assked me to try kratom and the results where amazing.
michael mohrle usa
this is a very safe plant,why make honest people criminals? it helps with pain and the main reason it is in a negative view is because pharmicutical companies will lose money. sure children should use it,age restriction makes sense.
Donna Turner USA
Stop the big Pharm guys from taking this wonderful natural plant away from us!
John Garner USA
I have been prescribed morphine er and oxycotin for years, not only has kratom worked better but I found after years of utilizing kratom that I suffer no ill effects if I don't have kratom aside from pain returning unlike narcotic medication.
Jessica Harvey United States
It is ridiculous that people are considering banning an herbal supplement. Why? Because these half-wit teenagers are using it to get high. Supplements shouldn't banned completely because a few terrible parents can't keep track of their kids.
Bryan Fox united states
After 15 years of drug abuse and severe depression, I discovered kratom. I do not get high off kratom and anyone that says they do is a damn liar. I feel NORMAL. It disgusts and frightens me to think that this is in jeopardy. Please keep it legal!
Ronald Cady United State
As a chronic pain sufferer (multiple back injuries and disk degeneration) I find this to be the best medical solution. I will not even refer to it as an alternative as it is primarily the best solution. No side effects it is all natural and more effectiv
Anthony Egger United States
The best option I have ever found to help my chronic pain syndrome. I could not see myself using synthetic pain medication ever again.

Mark Jenkins USA
There is no proof that kratom is a harmful substance, but there is a vast wealth of evidence that it is enormously helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain. Keep kratom legal, and keep people off pharmaceutical opiates. It's as simple as that.
Thomas Podmore United States (Ohio)
This is better than ANY anxiety or depression drug I've had. I was screwed by unknowing, guessing psychiatrists into long term anguish. Please, it has cause NO ALARM whatsoever. It is natural. As a Juris Doctor, this all seems political, not practical.
Logan Lemieux U.S.A.
The potential of this plant is immensely beneficial and should not be overlooked or downplayed
Thomas Visco U S A
this plant has helped me in many ways...used normally it is quite safe..with many benefits
angelia godinez usa
Ypu should keep this product leagal. I have been able to introduce this product to a few feiends that have been struggleing with addiction and withdrawl symptoms and it truly does work to help individuals with addiction to maintain with out goin n streets
Julie Surber United States
Please keep this legal. I am getting a lot of relief from fibromyalgia pain.
William Wright United States
I have severe degeneration of spinal disk. I have been in pain for a long time and have used many opiate mess to deal with the pain, leading only to dependence and resistance. I have taken 1 tablespoon a day for the last 4 years and have not touched narco
Jamison Sessions United States
I could have not overcome a heroin addiction without the help of kratom now and then. I'm 5 years clean, successful and happy. I still take kratom as a dietary supplement moderately.
Brandon Cutler united states
Keep kratom legal!!
Dee Palmer usa
Kratom saved my life. Got me off way more dangerous prescription pain killers.
stephen polston U.S.
This is the best alternative for a better way to relieve pain (which I have had for years. My prescription pills were thrown into the trash. Why they want to ban a good clean alternative is beyond me. I am sure the drug companies have a lot to do with it.
Hannah Bartley USA
Helps with anxiey, depression, and pain. Plus it's a plant. Why make it illegal?
dutchguy The Netherlands
Defeat depressions
Hussein Obama Communist States of America
Kratom is a problem. It is keeping the masses distracted from the harmful and addicting prescription medications that keep them under control. We must ban Kratom and get these sheep back on their RX meds ASAP. -Obeezy
ian rupert United States
I have chronic back pain, including degenerative disc disease and chronic sciatic nerve pain, and nerve damage. Kratom has allowed me to keep my pain under control while avoiding addicting narcotic pain medications, please don't take it away.
Cynthia Webb United States
Keep the FDA from controlling or natural supplements!
Peggy Marie Huff US
Keep the FDA out of our natural supplements!
Brendan Patrick United States
Kratom is like everything else, exactly what you make of it. Alcoholics abuse alcohol while the rest of enjoy it reasonably. Some news stories may give kratom a bad reputation, but that does not make it bad, it makes those who abuse it fools.
Amanda MacLeroy United States of America
Kratom is a life saver. It helps me manage my anxiety, depression, ADHD, and pain from sciatic nerve. It keeps me from having to taking prescriptions medication
Shelley Bango usa
Keeps me from using my pain meds which is great by me. Rather put something God put on this earth in my body then something a greedy pharmaceutical made. They need to leave kratom alone and legalize weed! God knows what he's doing.
Pam Lindahl usa
Keep kratom legal, this product has lots of health benefits!
Corey Lucas United States
Kratom helps me with my social anxiety mainly. However it does a number of other things such as acting as an all natural pain killer. Used for broken fingers, fractures, sprains, etc.
Bryan c. Bradley usa
Helps with severe pain, i have a undiagnosed problem for 4 years. This works maricals for me. And no withdrawal symptoms.
jeremy wyatt United States
this plant has been able to replace all my pills with no seide effects. it is a god given blessin
Dennis Davis USA
Please allow the citizens of this county to decide what nutritional items we want to take. This is not a governmental decision but an individual's choice.
Rhonda Aydlett USA
Please keep God's natural healing plants legal for those who choose natural over the toxic substitutes made by humans in a pharmaceutical facility. I am a Senior Citizen going on 70 years and I choose natural. Thank you. Kindly.
Jason Tirico United States
Not one person has died solely because of this substance. For many people it is necessary for them to have an alternative to highly addictive pharmaceutical pain killers which are directly attributed to many deaths. Kratom is not as addictive as these.
stergios koutouratsas Greece
People should be able to use such a useful and safe plant, without the government having a say on it.
Calas Nwyvre USA
I recommend this consistently to my patients for complex pain problems.
Stacy Winningham United States
It is truly a Godsend for people with anxiety or pain. Please don't take away our cure.
Jonathan Czerwonka USA
Kratom has helped me overcome social anxiety, and made me a happier person, without use of RX.

Additionally, I found out by chance that kratom completely eliminates my seasonal allergies. NO sneezing, NO runny nose!
James ligerson USA
Kratom is safer than marijuana or alcohol
It is a safe mild alternative vs opiates and the discontinuation syndrome is nearly nonexistent .... Coffee is worse.
Stop taking things of enjoyment and recreation away from citizens it is a civil liberties
John Mueck USA
As a senior citizen this is one of the only medications that helps with my pain without the side affects of opiates
William L. Kincade USA
Four doses of Kratom spaced over a week cured a skin disease I had called Nummular Dermatitis. Please keep it legal so I and others who have the symptoms of rashes and constant itching suffer no more.
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