We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Sasha Kirne USA
This plant has saved my life and many others. Please do not make this plant illegal. It is just as safe to take as coffee
Nicholas Alexander Tara USA
This substance should not be illegal. It has no negative effects That I can tile and I have used it many times
Christopher Russo USA
Please don't make my mom have to go back to the pain pills that caused her to not be the best mom possible!
Christian Gloss USA
Kratom is a relief from many with anxiety issues and depression, as well as alcholism. This helpful plant is safe, and no more a danger then coffee and certainly less so then alcohol. It is a great disservice to restrict or prevent access to this medicine
Michael Foflygen United States
K Lessing US
Marissa Whatley U. S.
I use kratom to alleviate my andhendonia. A major side effect of major depression. My condition is that I cannot feel any natural pleasure or feel good about anything. Kratom regulates my dopamine and serotonin levels to where they should be.
K Hoffmann USA
Kratom is an excellent, natural plant that helps control serious chronic pain issues.
Melissa Ashby United States
Keep Kratom Legal , Opiates, heroin, methamphetamine And alcohol kills people.. KRATOM DOES NOT... let us continue to keep our lives in a functional and productive way with dignity and hope..
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Lea Wiltfong United States
Brandy Carroll United States
Carl bass United States
Steven Guillory United States
Niki Guillory United States
Ryan Bunting United States
Ashley Hay United States
Alicia Zvonar United States
This is the only non addictive supplement that takes care of my pain. My doctors got me hooked on painkillers, kratom helped me get off. There is absolutely no reason this should be illegal. You can't overdose on it like you can on alcohol or painkillers.
It was removed from DEA watchlist in April 2015 and now back on? This is a transparent attempt by big Pharma into forcing us to pay high prices. Kratom is a safe alternative to the opiates that are currently allowed. Keep it off the schedule.
Brandy McCullough USA
Gary English USA
Keep Kratom legal so the pain pill epidemic can slow done
Jamie Gibbs USA
Betty Underwood USA
Please keep kratom legal it gave me my life back
Marci Jett United States
Kratom doesn't kill people, METH and Opioid pills DO!
Payton jett United States
I would be dead if it weren't for kratom. Prescription pain pills were ruining my body, mind and life. Kratom is SAFE and you CANNOT kill yourself on it. MINIMAL side-effects and I got my life back!!!!
Jeremy nenadal United States
We need less laws... Especially for things that can help people.
Cara Padilla Jensen United States
Jason Burton USA
Deborah Joiner United States
Please keep this life-changing plant legal. It has helped my fibromyalga with less flare-ups and degenerative disk disease somewhat manageable without opiates!
Robin Lord USA
Please do not take this life saving plant away from us!
Laura Anne Zopff USA
Why ban something that is helping people? Because of big pharmacy's fear of making less money by keeping people addicted? When did money become more important than the human life? Kratom saves lives. Big pharmacy kills.
please do not make this wonderful work of nature to be remove from people's lives who it helps. this literally saved my life and health, as it has done for countless others. please not not schedule this life saving plant. thank you
Catherine L Smith USA
This plant saves lives! Please research thoroughly!
Michelle Dougherty United States
Chris Mabe USA
Kratom is a safe, natural plant that helps people end their addictions to actual deadly drugs. It is a safe pain reliever with virtually no side effects if used responsibly.Do not let the government ban another PLANT that helps millions of people!
Holly Marie Kyes United States
This saved my aunts life. Please keep it legal so we can save more!
Jamie gibbs USA
Samantha Lynn Leon United States of America
Obviously, this is about big Pharmacy wanting people to be addicted to their lethal addictive drugs full of compounds that can actually affect and change the brain chemicals over time. Kratom is a Natural Botanical, not a drug! Good one, DEA.
Christina Karchmar United States
Kratom has literally saved my life. It should not be made into a schedule I drug, it has so many documented health benefits!
daniel lerma USA
keep it legal. Its harmless .
Nathan Cenkus United States
Making this illegal is completely ridiculous.....
Daniel Wagner United States
Kratom helps so many people. Its 100% natural, non addictive, non narcotic, non psychoactive, helps people get off of opioids. And depending on the strain it eases any and all pain, helps people sleep and so much more.
Rebecca McCullough  
Vanessa Fortin United States
Andrew Janssens United States
Robin Russo USA
Tony VanHorn USA
camelia caton-garcia United States
Erica Escutia United States
Please keep kratom legal
Louis Staehle United States
Angela Maria Parker United States
Jessica Mikaelson USA
Seems like big pharma is banning this due to profit loss. How many people are off all pills due to kratom?? Docs are also losing money and control. Keep fighting guys!
Marina Tucker USA
My chronic pain is greatly improved by kratom.
Cassandra Mosley USA
Dylan Gray United States
Miriam Hill Us
Please do not make this illegal. I have seen nothing but positive come from this. People able to function again, off drugs, off pills. People getting their lives back. People no longer struggling with anxiety. Please do not do this.
Angelica Luna  
Sheila Arnone USA
Kratom has been a lifesaver for me. It keeps me from prescription medication which can cause damage to my organs and avoids any issues of becoming addicted to a pill. I am so grateful this product exists and available to us.
David Dharma Otte United States
Making Kratom illegal WILL fuel black market opioids, and opiates including heroin.

People will die.
Brendy Stewart- Glennon United States
Nick Starzer USA
Lauchlin Starzer USA
Laura L Smith United States
Christina Lee LaGone United States
Don't make Kratom illegal.
Shawn William OLaughlin United States
Don't make Kratom illegal.
Kimberly Tolliver USA
Meredith Topmiller  
This is natural botanical used for many afflictions, with zero negative side effects please keep it legal.
Jordan Beeson United States
This plant has helped me and so many like me or worse off,I got my family back and overcame addiction which was caused by depression and anxiety,not to mention the pain it treats in most people who can't find relief else where,it'll mean suicide for some.
Jennifer Wise United States
Please keep kratom legal. It helps to fight addiction for me. I've been clean off all drugs for one year. Kratom is not harmful. It should not be classified as a drug. Many addicts have been able to stop the use of drugs. Banning kratom will hurt so many
sandra dubble United States
You will be forcing many to commit suicide if you do this. There is only so much severe,24/7 pain that people can take. This, I feel, is being done for reasons of money..nothing else. Please, examine your conscious , think about this fully and do not do i
Frederic Ward United States
Kayla Pogolowitz USA
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Danielle Nelson United States of America
Before kratom I was in too much pain to play with my children, enjoy my family, spend time with them & be involved in their lives. Kratom has changed my life for the better, I am able to be the mom my kids need! Please keep this wonderful plant legal.
Denica Walker USA
Tim Oakley United States
Blake simpson United States
Very mild, similar to coffee feel.
Adam United States
Before I found kratom I was bed ridden from a back injury but now I'm able to contribute to society once again. Please don't make me useless again. Why ban a plant that does SO MUCH GOOD and impossible to OD from?
Audrey Longshore United States
I have been fighting depression and chronic pain for the better part of the last twenty years and this amazing plant has most recently aided me in pain relief and mood stabilization in more ways than any pharmaceutical medication ever has.
Joseph Korszun  
Airon Renea Koehn United States
Dominique Rauton USA
I have severe nerve damage and chronic pain.Until Kratom I was stuck home 24/7 in pain and in a narcotic haze.This leaf gives me back my life everyday!
Andrea Camille Guerrero United States
Kimberly A Davis United states
This natural leaf has changed my life is so many amazing ways. I was able to fully get off of opiate pain killers and now I am able to manage my pain naturally. It is not synthetic and it is completely natural. Please do not ban this amazing leaf.
Andrea Gardner Hollon United States
If you overdose on Kratom, you only throw up and feel bad, there is no threat of death. Why would this make any government restriction list? It is a plant, it needs to remain free as all nature should be.
Jocelyn Kelleher USA
Jocelyn Acierno United States of America
Cerisa cassatt Usa
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Tom Quinn USA
Kratom saved my life. Please keep it legal
Nita DeGroodt USA
I am a professional, working hard and paying taxes. Kratom has made such a great difference in my life, I no longer take strong pain medicines which I was on for years. I am not high or "out of it". Please review the facts and keep this plant legal.
Charlotte Pozzi United States
Kratom has significantly contributed to a positive and successful life. I am clean from heroin because of this wonderful PLANT.
Melissa Usa
Jennifer Albert United States
Matthew Dillingham USA
Michael Thomasson United States
This is rediculous. Do not illegalize a substance if the public does not want it illegal. The majority would like to call for an end to the drug war.
Chad Fuhrman USA
This plant has been a godsend. I had a dual laminectomy in January after 2 years of round the clock oxymorphone,hydromorphone, hydrocodone, morpine,among others. I am currently able to walk because of Kratom alone.
Dalekrista colliver Usa
Herschel clayborn Usa
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