We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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chris martin usa
this plant is precious
Dennis Pelton United States
Keep Kratom legal!
Brian Ross United States
I have used Kratom to ease my muscle aches for decades as did my ancestors. I have never even thought about getting 'high' with it. Its uses are more profound than that. What is the standing of our constitutional rights when nature is made illegal?
Thomas Peck usa
use it for hand pain
don santos USA
Natalie Kratom United States
ryangilley United states
Samuel Agule USA
Kratom is the last legal pain killer that works for me. I dont use it for a high yet i do feel somewhat better after taking it but its no high its just a pain free day. You cant take everything away from us. Make it legal, tax it, use it in medicine,
Matthew Glock United States of America
Mitchell Gordon United States of America
Kratom needs to stay legal. It has never put anyone in the hospital or killed anyone. The only reason why the Government would make this illegal is because they are in the pharmaceutical companies pockets. Just like what happened in Asia.
joseph s wilcox USA
Kratom is completely safe. It has never harmed, or killed anyone.
I have seen it help many of my friends to stop using harmful pharmacuetical drugs. I know people who have completely stopped drinking with the help of Kratom.
Kratom is a miracle plant.
Peter P. Wusow USA
Kratom has helped thousands of people in the world. Kratom is known to suth the withdrawals of dangerous perscription medications.
Kratom helps relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and cravings for dangerous drugs, and alcohol.
Mike USA
I broke my back overseas and was on opioid pain meds for years. I have been able to get off those meds and work as a firefighter while keeping my pain at a tolerable level. Please don't put me back on pills
Dominick Luizza USA
If used in a responsible fashion kratom is a fantastic plant. I see no reason why anyone would think otherwise.
paul millar n.ireland
Fred Weber U.S.A
Suzy B. Graydon U.S.A.
Kratom has helped me beat an 8 year addiction to Methadone. Without Kratom this wouldn't be possible. Keep Kratom legal!
Stephen labounty United States
Aaron Kleiser  
Kratom has allowed me to live a pain free life for the past few years without the use of very potent nacotics that I had been on for years before discovering kratom. What a magical herb!
Cory Bettencourt Canada
Kratom is safer to use than Kava, yet Kava is sold in stores? Hmmm, sounds pretty dumb to me. Kratom is a wonderful herb that has many benefits. We really need to allow companies to produce Kratom. Don't be stupid.
Michael Edward Lukens United States of America
Joshua Barnett United States
This PLANT helped me get completely off of Heroin and has given me new hope for the future. Without Kratom i'd still be using and probably in jail. There is no reason this plant should be illegal if it helps me and keeps me clean.
Elise Constantin United States
Richard Broadstreet USA
Kratom is a wonderful plant that truly helps the chronic pain in my knee without making me feel drugged or becoming addicted.
Brandon Frazier United States
Jared McCammon United States
Adam L. Wyffels United States
To make this plant illegal is the same as keeping cannabis illegal: silly and unethical. We must keep the harmless, beneficial plant legal so people can maintain their freedom of choice and treat their chronic pain.
Vaz Allen Canada
Be good! :)
Tim Anderson usa
grove usa
its a plant not synthesized or changed in any way! feds spend more time on real problems! u r pathetic
Rebecca Cohen United States
Jacob D. Lanphere  
Rachel Myers United States
carson pope United States
Its much better and than any prescription. I use it for chronic pain.
Helen D Mosley U.S.A
William Dillingham USA
Luke Sandbank United States
Nobody is getting hurt
Roberto N. spain
kratom should ALWAYS be LEGAL!
James Johns United States
Kratom has helped me tremendously with my anxiety and back problems.There is no harm in such a natural plant besides to the pharmaceutical companies who make up lies to ban it.There are no side effects and it keeps me from using illegal substances!
Leah Wilfahrt United States
Lissa Mac USA
Being diagnosed with PSTD and Panic disorder, and in pain,, with no insurance, and no way to get or pay for the medications I should be on, I am able to use gentle kratom to fight the anxiety and be calm and relaxed..to be the mother my children deserve.
Chris Montgomery usa
Kratom has helped me avoid kidney and liver failure due to over prescribed pain medication. I have degenerative joint issues and arthritic gouty arthritis which leaves me in excruciating pain. Kratom helps alleviate that pain with no toxic side effects.
ryan flinn U.S.A.
This plant has tremendously improved my life. There is absolutely no reason it should be illegal.
Tyler Staggs USA
Kratom is a herbal remedy that has improved my life ten fold. It is not a "drug" that should be criminalized, but a wonder of nature that should be respected and researched. Why do away with such a benificial and natural plant
Travis Staggs U.S.
It would be a great tragedy for uninformed individuals to pass a law that would make such a great leaf illegal. It is a shame that misinformation and the actions of irresponsible people bring on such laws that harm more than " protect"
Donald Wells USA
Anne Wampler United States
Michael F. Austria
It helps me a lot better against Rheuma than the medication i got from doctor
Kenneth Linsley USA
Walter Jr White USA
Why make something illegal that helps people? It does no harm what so ever, let us be happy, let us be free.
jeff ostrium USA
i've been taking kratom for 6 months to wein off my drug/alchohal habit and so far there is no looking back and no side affects. bless god for this all natural cure, why isnt it more prominent?????
kenny miller US
kratom has helped me overcome the harmful side-effects of my prescription opiates. i will never give up the fight to keep it legal
kevin calhoun usa
has helped me with undescribable chronic pain
Steven Adam hill USA
Kratom has blessed my life, and replaced harmful meds. shame on companies that promote abusing this wonderful herb,and shame on big pharma and other agencies trying to criminalize it. How many deaths are there from pain meds? Millions! And Kratom?zero!
kenneth bryant cudnik jr United states
Craig Schuster United States
Kratom is a safe herb! I will fight to protect it!
brent horton usa
Helps me with anxiety, social phobia and has helped me to abstain from drugs and alcohol combined. Keep it legal please
Lesley Quayle Great Britain
Whitney Segura United States
Kratom is not only the only thing I can use for my migranes and back pain, taking this off the market is a violation of human rights, the right to decide on your own should be the final say so, but we live in a corrupted world by the top 1%!
josh bilodeau  
Its a life saver. Got me off opiates which I was having a very hard time getting off. Thank you kraytom.
Pauline Coonan UK
Joshua Graham United States
Kratom has saved my life, it has gotten me off off methadone which made me terribly sick. Helped alleviate my depression and anxiety. I have my energy back and my day is pain free. I have had NO, I repeat NO side effects from this miracle herb.
Stephen Lee Mitchell United States
cyrus ridenour United States
After years of making tea with Kratom there have been absolutely no harmful effects of any kind. Just as with anything that is consumed regularly (coffee, sugar, carbs, etc.) stopping abruptly will make someone feel uncomfortable/restless but nothing more
Barret Anselme United States
Morgan Amber Canada
I use Kratom to alleviate arthritis pain and migraines, and to balance my mood swings. It is an easy, side effect free way of dealing with my symptoms, and is much less harmful than many legal alternatives. There is no way it should be illegal.
David Caplan USA
james r holden wales
Helped me with depression without all the side effects of meds meaning I could embrace cognitive therapy with a clear and focused mind!
sheila greener england
prefer to relax naturally with herbs not chemicals
Jeffrey B. USA
Jordan Ross USA
Why must everything be illegal? This is very helpful for those who can't afford doctors & prescription medication.
Nicholas j Dimmitt United states
Please keep this wonderful herb legal and available to those who responsibly use and appreciate it.
Peter Salthouse England
I have been using kratom daily for the past 6 weeks or so and found it to be extremely beneficial both to my mood and energy levels. I have been taking anti depressants for 14 years and I feel this is working better than any of them
hilary keegan lreland
noah wight United States
Gabriel OH México
Nature cannot be illegal
Charles Wolfgang Wusthoff United States of America
The alkaloids in this plant are far less addictive than the codeine that is sold OTC around the world. Plus, it helps people detox. THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO GO OVER THE PEOPLE MAKING THAT KRYPTON KRATOM THAT IS LACED WITH THE 0-TRAMADOL METABOLITE!
nick king usa
Kratom has been the only pain managment for my 2 plates and 12 bone screws in my left arm. This is the only pain med that not only gives me great physical comfort but ads in my depression treatment (along with diet and exercise)
Mark Thrall USA
Kratom is a very good anti-depressant..pain killer and sleep aid..And it's natural..no nasty side effects...
Jose hwtxjZmtonbD
What do you think of Ibogaine will totally take away the need for reneacemlpt opiate. What are these folks gonna do when off the sub and cravings come on? They have not learned how to deal with it. WAY to many MD's keep folks on high doses and for way
Scott Pierson USA
End the war on herbal supplements and alternative medicine.
Philippe Genoud switzerland
Michael Barela USA
I use kratom to dull the constant muscular pain in my back as the DEA has scared doctors enough to almost never prescribe effective pain relief. If kratom's legal status were to change, I would be left with less options for relief.
Alex Mettler U.S.A
Sean Baillie U.S.A.
Kratom changed my life!!!
Kratom has been the only truly effective treatment for my depression. It has been the only thing that really works for me. It works far better than any of the prescription drugs I have been prescribed. And it works without all the side effects that come along with the prescription drugs. Please don't make something as harmless as Kratom illegal just because of a few irresponsible kids.
Justin A. Case USA
Kratom is safe and beneficial to many people, often improving their lives in more ways than one. The idea of anyone making this plant (like so many others) prohibited would be counter-productive to the well being of thousands of people.
theresa lynch usa
Anthony Adams US
IT seems extremely immoral and counter productive to deny the people (that help put you in office) a safe and natural alternate herb(Kratom) that has helped people cope with anxiety, depression, drug- addiction etc. It would be one thing if the ban for kratom was based on empirical records of abuse and a danger to one's health, but that is not the case. Keep Kratom Legal
David A ORourke United States
I haven't used it yet but here of its wonderful health healing properties for pain as well as managing mood disorders and helps diabetics. Natural herbs should never be illegal nowhere. Keep it not only legal let more heath stores in the USA carry it too.
Ryan Sturgeon  
a very beneficial plant there are many more pros than cons . keep it legal
Kelly Loveday US
After ten years of being addicted to oxycontin,then suboxen,I lrnd of Kratom. It saved my life and by boyfriend's,who was 15 yrs addicted.3mths after using Kratom we were clean,and had no w/drwl from Kratom. We're both still clean-2 YEARS LATER!
Dustin Sulak D.O. USA
As a physician I have observed that Kratom is an effective and safer alternative to other treatments. This herb has a lot to offer and should be explored medically, not outlawed.
Kai Chita  
nina menon USA
I came across Kratom (among other herbs). It eased my chronic pain and anxiety,and although the expense is high I use it on "bad" days. If is makes you feel "good" it must be banned,bring back prohibition! nicotine should be illegal!
Brian Garrett USA
Keep this useful herb legal for it helps us to remain healthy without all the harmful side effects of modern medicine.
Laurence Coldrick UK
Kratom saved my life. It is the one thing that has allowed me to end a serious alcohol addiction. I never drink alcohol any more (for over a year now) and I now use kratom about once a month.
bernard czech United States
gabriel chaney land of the free?W.T.F?
Great busness plan. people find a plant that works for pain.spread fear over couple idiots misuse.make it illeagle and patent the alkoilods.free money if u can afford the polititains.
Ava Venturelli United States
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