We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Claudia Nevery Canada
Kratom give some relief of my symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome without the high or many bad side effects of pharmaceuticals. It has many health benefits being a green leaf and shoud be sold at coffee shops!
John M. Penner United States of America
Kratom has helped to wean me away from much, much more powerful and dangerous prescription pain medication. It is an all natural and safe alternative to such heavily abused drugs as oxycodone, hydrocodone, percoset, etc, etc.
It would be criminal to ban the use of this wonderful natural substance.
nicholas mowrey USA
Kratom has been blessing to me, I suffer with chronic pain ... had been on pain meds for over 10yrs and am now free of them, praise God
michael clements usa
good possibility this might help with chronic fatigue
alan koush usa
Kratom truly helps me.
Imad Salloum USA
This herb is a plant with wonderful healing properties. We can't go demonizing plants just because drug companies can't figure out a way to profit from them. How can we say we are a free society when we don't give people access to plants??
Casey Tipton United States
Kratom really helps my arthritis. Keep this legal.
Matthew Reece USA
Kratom has saved many peoples lives around the world helping chronic pain patients live happier, DRUG FREE lives. Outlawing would be a cruel and terrible punishment for those of us trying to remain on a clean path. Please take this into consideration.
Andrew Jansick US
Do not let "professionals" condemn Mitragyna as they did so many other plants! It is cruel and unjust to ban nature's bounty, the drug war should not destroy the benefits of any more plants!
Serena Rene Brown United States
This drug saved my life after a doctor kept me addicted to suboxone for ten years. The suboxone withdrawals were so bad I could not get off. I took Kratom responsibly for two months and now after a 15 year battle with addiction. I am finally free.
Jessica dawn ball canada
Kratom is a safe supplement and better alternative to treating opiate withdrawal and symptoms of certain medical conditions than methadone and other opiate medications.
Abe Moslemzadeh USA
This is a herbal aid for people who need it. Please do not deprive needy people just to make big companies richer!
steve gordan usa
i was prescribed and got addicted to Xanax 20 years ago with a large habit that took me through hell. With this herb i was able to discontinue this strong benzo and actually go back to work and have a social life again. It was a life saver for me.
Cameron Bruce Scotland
Kratom is entirely safe, benign and useful with no dangerous side-effects. It is NOT a powerful "legal high", and should never be mistook under the same umbrella as dangerous, unknown substances that are marketted as such.
Both this herb and the people who claim a plethora of benefits should be treated with respect.
Please allow us, as respectable individuals, to safely ingest safe, non-toxic herbs as we may wish.
Thank you,
klinton wilson usa
it helps me with my gallstones untill i find a way to dissolve them but i'll stop if i dont have pain cause i dont like to get wired and i dont like pills or anything like that i only take natural things
Jan Amoss USA
Please do your research! Keep it legal!!
Jeremy Jaramillo United States
Kratom has been incredibly beneficial for me. It has helped me overcome my anxiety and depression issues and has proven to be far safer than the prescribed alternatives that turned me into a mindless, dangerous zombie.
Jeremy Hutchins USA
I have a story to tell. I am a professional who uses kratom as a medicine rather than addictive hard-core narcotic drugs. Kratom is one part of a series of positive moves I made when I decided to refuse painkillers as a solution.
Jay Dittmar United States
Kratom is very useful to me.I use it a couple times a week.Helps with everyday stress.Hope you can understand it is better than the drugs out there.It is harmless.THank You.
Thomas Bergdolt Germany
No Plant should be illegal, also Kratom. It helps again my Back pain, and it is harmless and better than every other painkiller.
Carl Jacobson USA
Please keep Kratom legal -
I suffer from Back Pain - ruptured L3 Disc
I find Kratom to be the most effective pain releif without affecting my work or home life.
This herb is a god-send and should be kept legal- if only sold to those over 18 years old
Simon Fielding UK
I have acute social anxiety disorder & find this herb helpful in reducing the soul destroying symptoms of my illness. My quality of life would be appreciably reduced without it. Please do not ban the responsible & justified use of this natural medicine.
Andrew Howe USA
Deserves further research to prove to those that this plant is no different than coffee, or any other herbal supplement and has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years for its beneficial effects.
Joel Schuster U.S.
I've been using this for a few years with no trouble.It has a few noticable beneficial effects.I do hope no one makes it illegal.Thank you.
Marius Ødegård Simonsen Norway
Please do not ban this plant.
Victor Rattleman USA
Man shouldn't be allowed to deem a plant created by YHWH (God) as illegal!!!
ryan deutsch  
ive taken many different meds for depression and anxiety over the past 6 years. during this time i never found a medication that helped me; there were always bad side effects and my body never got adjusted to them. i discovered kratom about 18 months ago and it has been a life changing thing for me. my depression is down, my anxiety is down and i have been feeling great, with NO SIDE EFEECTS! kratom has greatly improved my everyday living. this stuff does what no other medication can and illegallizing it would drastically change my life for the worse.
Erik Jaeger United States
I can't afford prescription medications. Kratom helps with my back pain with no side effects.
Sonya B. Coller USA
I beleive that the govenment should not band something that could benefit alot of people without proof that it can cause people more harm than good.
Keith Wentworth USA
Why in the world would anyone want to ban an herb which has been used for centuries with no ill effect? Energy should be focused on fighting harmful illegal drugs instead of banning every natural herb as it becomes visible in the mainstream. American laws are oppresive and draconian enough. Leave us the hell alone.
Michael Landers United Kingdom
This stuff is pretty tame and it would take quite a lot of determination to be able to abuse it. It doesn't produce any high or rush as one television report sensationally claimed. The best is a pleasant feeling of well being at the right dose.
Simon Hinton United States
Amazing we even need to have a discussion/petition to keep Kratom legal. Where is the scientific evidence that there is anything wrong with Kratom?
How many centuries does a plant have to be used for it's medicinal effects before considered safe?
Jereme Seaton USA
this amazing plant does wonders for many suffering addicts around the world. keep kratom legal!
Devin Coughlin U.S.A
I am now an ex-opiate addict of 15 years thanks to this wonderful plant. I don't know where I would be without it! Keep it legal please!
M. Sandra WIlson usa
This is a natural herb that has no side effects. There are lots of people with very hard jobs that needs this to help them do it. Pain Medicine from the Dr.s are addicting and very hard to get off of. I dont use it but i prefer it to pain pills.
Ida Devaill usa
Have arthritis and kratom is the best alternative to pain pills.
Marvin Thompson USA (down south)
Ive only taken Kratom a few times. Someone close to me gave me some,cause i didnt have any pain med. for my knee(gunshot)or my back. I have to say it helped me! It being a "plant" it should be left alone!!!
Monica R. Wilson USA
STOP trying to FORCE us to put "medicines" into our bodies that aren't NATURAL and have BAD SIDE EFFECTS just so the pharmaceutical companies dont lose money... isn't the health of the people more important than your pockets being stuffed?
Kevin Ray Wilson USA
Kratom has been a blessing to me over the past year, with the job i have, i couldnt do
it without it. (Tyson-Backdock)
James Kanak USA
It's safe to use. And who in the hell has the right to tell me what I put in my body. The goverment wants to control every aspect of our lives. Thats not living in qfree country.
Jesse Smith United States
Kratom does not impair anyone's mind or body! It has been one of the only natural herb that helps so many people for many different things. Put money into studying kratom, not taking away another harmless gift from earth.
Glenn Wilson USA
This amazing plant must be kept legal for obvious reasons
Justin Fawcett USA
Kratom is very safe and effective alternative to prescription drugs and illegal drugs that kill MILLIONS of HUMAN BEINGS A YEAR. Keep it legal.
David United States
Kratom is Great. Just like anything it should be used responsibly
jonathan hands USA
I have found Kratom to be of great value to me personally. It helps relieve my chronic back pain as effectively as prescription drugs, without the addictive properties of those medications. I strongly feel that Kratom should be legal in the US.
Daniel Marksbury United States
ill say on thing and one thing only...Kratom saved my life
Sean O'Connell U.S.A
I wish I knew that this plant existed sooner, it could have saved me much pain and suffering, not to mention money, this is such a safe alternative to the drugs that are given out by doctors and sold on the street, that it should be available to anyone.
Brad James North Korea
never tried it but want to!!! keep it legal you stupid governent
Darren Gordon United Kingdom, Scotland
I use Kratom as a healthier, safe replacement for my Opium and it completely dissipates the withdrawal symptoms.
It also provides relief from my underlying problems, the cause of me first using opiates; psychosis, depression and anxiety.
Hannah U.S.
Has helped tremendously to relieve withdrawal symptoms from pain meds.
Tiffany Elizabeth Straley USA
Helped with back pain and not addictive when you discontinue use
stephen thurman united states
we have the right to chose natural medicines if we so desire.
Sarah Schwarz United States
This wonderful plant is an effective pain reliever and anti-anxiety reliever with much fewer side effects than any prescription painkiller. It is not at all in the same category as the chemically synthesized "spice" and "bath salt" products.
Todd Perry USA
Kratom has been immensely helpful in helping me deal with persistent anxiety and depression. It has worked as an inexpensive, safe and manageable alternative to pharmaceuticals that have counter-productive side-effects.
John Smith USA
After a terrible car accident I was put on Tramadol by an irresponsible physicians assistant. Taken as prescribed I ended up in the emergency room. Withdrawal was awful. Kratom has been a blessing. I can function again. Do your research. It's safe.
Devin Parada United States
It has helped my migraines like nothing else! Its not addictive either!
Alex Foster United States
Kratom has been a less addictive alternative to painkillers for my neck injury and still works very well. Other prescribed medications such as Meloxicam make me sick to my stomach when used, but this does not tend to.
Matthew Paul USA
this plant is a real blessing!
Jason Thompson USA
Kratom is NOT a drug, Kratom is an herbal supplement meant to better the lives of those whom consume it! Kratom is cultivated from the Earth and mother nature intended us to use it, not outlaw it!!!
Natalie Michele Poirier United States of America
Kratom has helped me with my chronic back pain for a year now. I was taking narcotic pain medicine for over three years and I couldn't stand it. It was hurting my liver and lungs. Now that I have started taking kratom capsules it has helped me wonders.
ali farokhi canada
hi i am looking to buy some kratom today how can i pick it up or get it . i live in Vancouver and need it very bad .I am quitting opium my friend told me that works very well
thank you
HiroshiIijima Japan
I use the craton, was able to recover from severe heroin dependence.
Craton think give the best results the treatment of epilepsy drugs to people like me.
Jennifer Baxter usa
My husband has fibromayalgia and degeneration in his spinal column. Kratom helps him deal with the pain and is not a narcotic and does not have the addiction that is common with prescription pain killers.
Daniel Baxter usa
As a minister I would not approve of a narcotic. God created herbs to heal not hurt. Everything has a purpose.
Jeffery Donald Arpec USA
kratom has cured my chronic back pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and has helped me quit smoking, quit drinking, and stop over-eating. It is a gentle, safe, non-addictive herb that has various uses.
Robert Kranston USA
This herb is very beneficial for mental and physical health. My understanding is that many people take it because they are unable to afford pharmaceuticals. Continuing to allow access to this herb allows many people to safely meet their physical needs.
amer zada usa
Kratom has improved the quality of my life. i have suffered from back pain for years now do to an unfortunate accident. Kratom helps to reduce my pain. its a miracle. I feel no "High" off of Kratom. Only reduced pain in my back. Miracle.
cody b united states
This plant saved my life.
Thomas Brown USA
Why do some people insist on allowing others to be in pain and depressed? I think they want to see us suicide. Pain is the best way to control a society.
Kim Tracy United States
I have been taking Kratom for well over a year. I started taking Kratom to overcome a tramadol addiction. At first the Kratom helped deal with the withdraw symptoms of not being able to sleep, being aggitated and helping with my pain and energy throuhout the day. I know it may sound weird but if I take Kratom in the morning it helps me get started with my daily activities, as I suffer from ADHD, and at night if I take it before bed it helps me get the rest I need so I can wake up well rested. I have taken many types of prescription medications and I like the mild effects of kratom. I have taken adderall for ADHD and it is a very strong medication. Kratom works much better because it is so mild and as far as a high the only thing you realize is that you are not suffering from pain, you are able to concentrate better and you can get a full, well-rested night of sleep without all the side effects of pharmacutical drugs even OTC medications. It's sad to say if pharmacutical companies realize the benefits of Kratom it won't be long before they find a reason to make you have a precription just like everything else. God gave us these wonderful herbs on earth to use, but yet people find a way to make the rest of pay to take advantage of their benefits.
Jason Shaffer USA
Kratom has all the painkilling effects of opiates without the "high". As someone that overcame Roxy addiction, it's a shame big pharma makes sure herbs like this become illegal.
Jeff Clark USA
Kratom has saved my life. I am beyond thrilled to be off my harsh prescription pain meds. All i need is a little kratom now days. My doctor supports me and whenever I go in for a check up and have all my labs done, they are perfect!! It is 100% safe and it works, i am still in awe about this wonderful plant that God has given us. No to Pharmaceuticals and YES to natural remedies!
William Dean USA
I wholeheartedly support the effort to keep kratom legal. As a user and seller, I have seen the evidence first hand of how many people this has helped with every day aches and pains to chronic, unbearable pain, with less side effects than pain killers.
Melissa Faye Bean United States
I have been taking Kratom for almost a year now in place of my prescription pain and anxiety medications. Kratom has worked much better for me than the prescriptions and it doesn't have all of the horrible side effects. I was diagnosed with Trichotillomania when I was seven years old and until I started taking Kratom, there has never been anything that would really ease the symptoms.
Steve Young Canada
Kratom is a valuable herb for medicinal use, despite its' addictive potential if misused. People need to have access to this relatively safe, effective treatment for a multitude of conditions and ailments. TRYPTAMIND.com
Chris Mann USA
I've been opiate pill-free for over 3 years thanks to kratom!!!
Michael W. Ashe United States of America
I suffer from lupus and sarcoidosis. I am allergic to most opiates when used for continued duration's, not to mention insane withdraws and dependency. This plant truly has raised my quality of life in a way I cannot even explain.
Mike Mcgill USA
Keep this medicinal plant legal. It is my coffee alternative.
Jonathon Green United States
I use Kratom to treat my back pain and insomnia. I brew it in a simple coffee pot and drink it before bed. This hopes me quickly fall asleep, and wake up without pain.
Randy Heine USA
I have been selling kratom at my retail store since 1981. There has never been a reported problem with the kratom that I sold.
William Simms USA
Kratom has helped me with pain and depression. I use it on an as needed basis and have not suffered any type of addictive properties. The positive effects are noticed by family and friends. I also feel more productive in my personal and business lives.
juba bruce uninted states
Kratom has helped me get off of the dangerous and highly addictive perscription pain killers. Very useful indeed. Much better than suboxone which is also addictive unlike kratom.
Justin Michael Faulkingham United States
After a near fatal motorcycle accident, kratom had previously been used for pain, now is my absolute right to use for relaxation, anti anxiety, and dietary purposes. Authority against this natural and gentle herb is outrageous, oppressive and tyrannical.
Susan Grubert United States
It should never be treated as a narcotic. It should be treated as a remedy and it's potentials should be explored.
russell k hockey U.S.A.
i use kratom every day it helps with pain and is not addicting i use same amount every day lets let adults of age use it legaly.
Jonathan Doreck United States
Do to a car accident back in 2010..This plant has been a life saver. I take Kratom once a week for bad pain and it works great.
Greg United States
Having suffered crippling disease and enduring a total hip replacement at a young age I was faced with using dangerous prescription pain medication. I have responsibly used this wonderful plant alternative for my pain relief with NO ill effects.
Ambra Sue Moore United States
Kratom is an amazing product & should be available to all who need or want it. There are no harmful chemicals in Kratom. It is safe & healing.!!!!
This plant is the reason why my wife isn't in jail right now. If you take it away from us, she will indefinitely go back to the streets.
Monica United States
You are ignorant if you do not do the research first before banning it in other states. We pay your taxes. We are your voters. We decide as a nation, what we feel is right and there is NO REASON why you should ban this plant or any of it's compounds.
Alex Kote USA
Kratom provides me with an alternative choice for releif of chronic diarriah and GI pain; where my only other options would include opiate phamacuticauls and tropane alkaloids which have a nasty set of side effects and are debilitating in long run.
Jason petropulos Usa
It's a plant with medicinal properties, not a narcotic drug.
Steven Jones USA
The hope for alternatives to dangerous and synthetic pain meds is a godsend. The only symptoms of taking too much is a headache and nausea. Never has there been a traceable fatal overdose
Dallas John Fitzgerald United States
I had knee surgery as the result of a high school football injury, and I now have no cartilage in my right knee. Kratom has offered me effective pain relief without the soul-killing side effects of prescription drugs.
Wayne Kenney USA
I need kratom for medicinal and therapeutic reasons.
James Turner USA
Kratom is a great natural suppliment to relieve pain from chronic pain issues. We dont want to keep using the Big Pharm companies and this is our way to get our pain relieved without lining pockets of the wealthy and politicians. Keep Kratom legal.
Arik Noah Lea USA
This plant has been used by my )0 year ol mother for arthritis as well as many others I know with no ill effects. The plant is safer than Tylenol.
Please do your research before creating a law forcing individuals to turn to black market for pain killers.
Thomas Thornburgh USA
Kratom has given me aid with my depression that conventional medications/methods have failed. Please keep this natural and mild herb legal.
Richard Paul Steele USA
No Matter the natural substance; it is the irresponsible exploitation indicative to Man that is wrong. There is no such thing as an illegal substance. Only the unfortunate nature of ones environment and state of mind
Zack Maller Canada
Keep Kratom Legal!!!
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