We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Tiffany Lee Zoumer United States
Sarah Russo USA
This plant has done wonders for me and others in my life. It needs to remain accessible to the people.
bill kalleward usa
i dont know why anybody would call this a legal high, its basically coffee but quite a bit better. i've taken daily for 2 years and have had no negative side effects.
Jakob Toews Canada
Ariel Johnson United States
Michael Aquitato United States
Michael Walden United States
I use kratom often for back pain (got hit by a car) Healthcare doesn't really fit in my ratio currently (based on all of the issues pending currently) so I find it's a good cure for my pain.
Megan Reis  
Alix Charles Canada
I had surgery done recently, and didn't want to take the morphine, codeine, and oxy they wanted to give me. Kratom did the trick!! THANK YOU NATURE!
nikkea takagi usa
Lora Coon Mahr usa
Nick guzzardo USA
Eric McCarter  
kylie anyce bearden usa
stop keeping us from good health!!! We don't want to be addicted to pharmaceuticals anymore!!!
Richard Hartnell USA
Drug prohibition is idiotic. It didn't work for alcohol and it doesn't work for anything else. Stop it.
Megan Hagberg United States of America
Amber Hagberg United States of America
Cynthia sipe United states of America
Jordan Holl  
kara pezzimenti usa
Joseph Vella United States
michael abadie  
Christopher Spencer United States
a wonderful plant!
Alycia Betts  
jenny karns  
Hailey Getchell USA
Cole Chadwick USA
Donna Gall United States
Jenna Jones  
rebecca silber united states
James Fredrickson USA
Shannon Loucks US
Lindsey Brooks united states
Kim Gay united states
It comes from the earth, keep it legal!
Andrew Shugart Usa
Kortney Bewley USA
Sahil Mehta USA
Kratom is a great alternative to pain management for those who prefer to explore more holistic options. Banning of it would take the power of treatment out of the people and give even more power to the pharmaceutical industry. Please maintain the balance.
Greg Moores  
brent edwards usa
Ava Stavros United States
David Maffett United States
A plant; just like an idea, a faith, or a book, is sacred and should never be legislated.
Mr. Robin Largent USA
keep it legal
Brandi Burnett United States
Tiana Zoumer US
Kratom is a medicinal plant. You cannot take what is a natural right. Education is required, not restriction.
Sarah Jystad USA
Kratom has proven itself to be an amazing energy supplement & an effective pain relief alternative. It is much easier on the nervous system, liver & kidneys than coffee, prescription & over-the-counter painkillers, which are LEGAL.As Kratom should remain!
Lauren Malone United States
Kayla Molander  
Shane Christopher Davis United States
Leave it alone! Government needs to realize life is pretty crappy. They need to worry about real problems, maybe our economy. I could write a lot more, but I'm just a another number here in the United States.
Theresa Marqua US
Kratom has kept my chronic back pain away, controlled any desire to drink and coming from an alcoholic family that says a lot! I have my own business now whereas my back pain kept me from being able to work to my ability before! We are adults.
Craig Bergdorf USA
It's the only anti-psychotic that has ever worked for me. I can afford it too, and most Rx I tried I couldn't for more than a few months.
Gerard Becigneul USA
Keep kratom legal ! Stop all this nonsense about it being a "legal high" and "problem substance".It is a wonderful herb with fantastic properties.
Matthew Emerson Roseberry United States
I have had severe anxiety all my life. I have been prescribed many Big Pharma drugs to treat this but all trials resulted in worse side effects than the original condition. I have been using kratom for 3 years now and am anxiety and side effect free.
Micael Gaumond-Roy Canada
Kratom show not be consider more like a drug then coffee, it is use for many purpose like energizer, painkiller, sedative, anxiolic and antidepressant. Its a very good natural alternative to many synthetic pharmaceutical. Keep this legal for all those who need it.
Steven paul hawkins Usa
Niall Fahy Australia
Herb lore not herb law! Plants over pills.
Stephanie Dordje Barlow Australia
Kratom is a powerful healing plant and should not be banned under any circumstances. Just because some people use this plant recreationally does not justify banning its use.
Tyler Blythe USA
DO NOT BAN THIS PLANT! Regulate it, or even tax it, but do not ban it.
Ben Scott UK
Please do not ban this wonderful substance.
Angel M Rodriguez United States
I dont understand why this plant is being even considered a "drug"
Brandon Ostrom USA
The benefits of this plant are unmistakable. Every thing in this world can be abused but it does not mean we should ban everything. Alcohol is abused everyday but you do not see that being banned because the government makes to much money from it.
Kenneth B. Weingard USA
m loux usa
Chris taylor USA
Axel Grunenburger Germany
a wonderfull plant, that helps many people to manage their addiction to opiates, without beeing really addicted to intself.Also for my beloved wive with heir "womans" issues. Having a warm an relaxing footbath with it keeps her up an makes her happy.
Andy USA
Another reason kratom should remain legal because I believe in being tough on crime. Assuming someone who is tough on crime who isn't a moron knows being tough on crime =tough on laws. More laws = more criminals obviously. Less laws= less criminals.
Andy OConnor USA
I have bags of kratom that sit in my drawers for months. Severe pain it's great but it is about the same as a codeine 3/4 or a Vicodin in effects and addiction. But it can be used for medicinal purposes. Not that cigarettes aren't medicinal.
Marisa Heacock United States
This plant helped me kick a horrible opiate addiction. it has helped many people do the same and more. It is an effective way to deal with chronic pain, anxiety and depression just to name a very few things it can help manage.
Zachary Lee Barr USA
Fortunately, some of us can see through the guise of greediness our government displays. Legalities are a game for the BAR association to make money, nothing more, nothing less, unless, of course, you injure somebody.
Bill York United States
Lisa G USA
Funny how alcohol and cigarettes are totally legal and both are life-threatening, yet you want to ban something harmless like Kratom? I really don't get it, but please don't ban this plant that actually benefits people.
Clayton Kyle Dahlen United States
Its helped me get offf the evil Pills which is great i have my life back again and i live in florida.. its bad here.
Brian MacDiarmiude Ireland
Lana Lokteff United States
Michael Alley USA
How can they seize a legal plant? Bring back free America
Sean A Dana United States
If it weren't for Kratom, I'd still be on opiates. However, with Kratom there's a limit to how much it can affect you; so there's no motivation to abuse it. You CAN'T get nodding-off high on Kratom. It is a safe, responsible alternative to ALL opiates.
Eddagone Boggs usa
Keep it LEGAL!!!
Everett W Vastine USA
I need kratomn for my back pain,and without it I couldn't get through the day.Kratom has been A real life saver for me so please don't it ..
Ravyn Sofaelt USA
Jasper Righton N.Ireland
A Very useful plant, tax it, keep it legal.
malahni baldessari united states
tom varga USA
Big business is trying to take our right away by taking mother natures products and making them illegal to use.
This has benefited me in so many ways. I have a right as a natural person to use herbal remedies. I am NOT a lab rat who will take pharma drugs
Eric Boxall Canada
Relieved severe arthritis, off meds and alcohol.
douglas h hoefle usa
Joshua Pelkie United States
Adam Medina USA
Keep it legal. It's not harmful and it is a perfect alternative to opiates without the life threatening side effects.
Frank Berkeljon Netherlands
dale cleife uk england
kratom is more like caffine than anything elce, its not addictive, and neither does it have the nasty effects that caffine has on some people, its not a synthetic version of anything like the herbalhighs are, and as someone that has used both i can say this has no danger whatsoever.
Richard Dalton USA
cliff kovacs Australia
Kristofor Clinkaberry  
Matthew Able USA
Please keep this plant legal. It has improved my quality of life immensely, and allows me to be a functional and productive member of society without being a slave to synthetic meds. I would have never graduated with my masters in chemistry without it.
Jim Sulli united states
Stian Huse Norway
Janis Moher Canada
Brendan G Brown United States
Peter Holmsten United States
Anton Stanic Hungary
I think that Kratom should be kept legal and I think Marijuana should become legal as well.
I think that Kratom has good effects on Anxiety, Sleep,stress and it has a good effect on withdrawal form Opiates.
Dakota McFarlan United States
Kratom has provided more relief than anything else Ive tried for my fibromyalgia pain, providing basically complete relief. More effective than prescription painkillers and prescriptions for fibromyalgia (ive tried many). Its a miracle herb!
corey pendreich United Kingdom
nothing is wrong with this lovely herb
Bernard Stubbs United States
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