We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Andy Hopkins USA
This is NOT a research chemical/legal high like spice and bath salts. Keep your noses where they belong big pharma...sniffing the ass of the guy in front of you.
Andrew Paul Hodgins USA
I suffer from many medical difficulties such as, crohns disease, lymphoma, and psoriasis. Kratom is the only legal, natural substance that helps with daunting fatigue and pain. Pain meds are expensive, dangerous, addictive, unnatural, kicked back by big pharmaceuticals, and for junkies. Kratom is none of those things.
sally maslon USA
Tessa Marie Comiskey USA
Before I started using Kratom I was on Zoloft for depression, Xanax & Klonopin for anxiety and Adderall for ADD. I no longer have to take any of these medications and I am healthier than I have ever been.
Patricia Hamilton United States
Vernon J Hood III USA
Helps with my back pain and ADD.
Heather MacEwen Canada
Brandi Leann Peterson united states
carl mckenna uk
great for dealing with pain and deppresion brought on by my crohn's disease. leave it alone u big pharma C*ck sucka's
John Martin USA
Colin MacEwen canada
Dylan Burns United States of America
Benjamin Kluver United States
Alexander Rodriguez USA
This is a miracle plant. It has helped people I personally know from pain to anxiety and even weight loss. There is so much I can say about it it would take forever. Please keep it LEGAL!
joshua cole sizemore usa
kratom is not harmful and does not make people dangerous or impared even the slightest bit, it should stay legal. Many people claim they feel ''nothing'' after even large amounts of kratom. I take kratom for pain and energy and I can say from personal expieriance over the last four years that kratom is completely safe. I never feel high just energized and good. Not impared or even like an opiate it at all. There is also no risk of overdose because if you ingest too much you will simply regurgitate it back out of you.
Heinrich Matthews South Africa
Casey Slota USA
Aaron Wayne Stark USA
This is not a synthetic drug. It is all natural and it's helped both of my parents with chronic pain when other prescription medication could not.
Susan C Groom Mortensen USA
Keep the FDA and Government OUT of our healthcare!
jerry f battaglia u.s.a.
it has notably come to my attention that kratom fills many needs medically.My belief due to it being simply user friendly and a safe natural cure that many pharmetcutical compines intentionally over look to provide very large profits not only to themselves but investors as well.Let the fda know that this is a peoples choice and should be allowed to be controlled by and only for the people who wish to use it for its true midisinal uses.
Adam Stark USA
Sandy Hurst USA
If this becomes illegal, we'll be fighting for decades to re-legalize it again. Keep the taxes we pay on this product and don't give more criminals cause to take over this helpful herb!
Timothy Lane USA
This plant should not be scheduled. If regulation is inevitable, then it ought to be regarded in a manner similar to tobacco. Even though it's not nearly as addictive. This herb has helped my with stress, anxiety, and depression on important occasions.
Chris Gann USA
I have friends that have stopped using Hydrocodone and illegal drugs by using small amounts of this leaf. This herb is safer than coffee, alcohol, and other legal drugs that are sold and taxed. Keep Kratom legal!
Charles Francis Wusthoff III United States of America
I have a painful type of terminal cancer. Synthetic pain medications have induced so many negative physical/psychological side effects that i refused pain management, living in agony until a botanist introduced me to kratom which has helped me live life
Soren Du Borg USA
I benefit greatly from having Kratom available legally.
Jill Leith USA
Keep it legal
Josh Harenberg United States
This herb should not be made illegal. It has cured my alcoholism and my social anxiety disorder. If you want to make something illegal, make alcohol illegal. It kills people and steals their lives!
Kevin Wood usa
I broke my back 15 yrs ago and have serious pain all day every day. Kratom takes away my pain and gets me active again, without the use of drugs!
oliver schweigatz germany
Chris Smith USA
Keep it legal. It is noting like the bath salts and spice. We can afford to ban anymore stuff anyway. We are broke.
Robert Derry USA
Much safer then pain pills!
Tracy Singer United States
We are quite aware that the war on Kratom is just a ruse to keep money in the pockets of big pharmaceuticals. Please stop putting profits over people and let cures happen.
Hunter Toth USA
Harrison J. Craig United States of America
Shaili Parekh  
Stephanie Main USA
PLease leave these incredibly healing plants alone as nature intended not to be managed by the FDA!!!
Olivia Spencer United States
Lauren Ryan USA
Chris Wallace United States
Marcos Casillas United States
You would make this illegal when teenagers can purchase alternatives that are 'not suggested for human consumption'?
Bill Maynor United States
Please keep Kratom legal. This is an herb that is beneficial to the human body.
Frank Esquibel united states
Maria Bennifield  
Spencer Waldman USA
Jacqueline Bennifield USA
Chantelle M. Bennifield USA
Molly Hylad  
roxana baldovin usa
Jason Cole  
Rhiannon McGuinness Australia
Cynthia McCullah  
Sky Tally  
Robert Groom  
Please keep this alternative to evil methadone accesible!!
Marissa Groom  
Chloe Groom USA
Kratom saves lives everyday!!!!
James Koshar USA
john graham united states
Keep it legal politicians
Kevin White USA
This helps with chronic joint pain (knees and lower back) and lack of energy. It really helps me stay productive throughout the work day
randy ball usa
i use this valuable herb for insomnia, anxiety and fibromalgyia. lacking health insurance like so many other americans, this plant makes my life tolerable and enables me to hold down a job. without it I would be in dire straits and living would be intolerable. banning kratom would destroy any chance i have of happiness in a country without universal access to mental healthcare coverage.
Giovanny Ramos United States
Please keep my Kratom legal. I can't afford expensive pain medication.
Jean Stuart usa
Kratom helps this old woman manage pain, depression and anxiety.
linda baracchini italy
Sarah G Brown United States
Amy Coyle USA
Kratom is amazing and safe. It is in a class by itself. It has been the best thing for my constant depression and fatigue.
Istvan Simon United Kingdom
Keep this legal!! Thx
Amnea Sturgill usa
William Harris Franklin Grayson United States of America
Kratom has given me the support I need to continue on with my life. Due to horrible back spasms and chronic pain I have been prescribed pain pills for years now. Kratom has provided me with amazing relief and its NATURAL.
Zack Ventura U.S.A.
Kratom is a wonderful medicinal plant that has helped many people around me.
kelly dickey us
Kro Derp United States
I like legal things
massimo tosco costa rica
Elliott Hartung United States
mateo parra United States
Aaron M W United States
Its a medicinal plant. Many uses.
Sheila Olsen  
jay shirs usa
I suffer from dep, bone spurs and arthritis . Before i found kratom it was adaily struggle to get myself to work. Many days i couldnt get out of bed.. Dr.s gave me pain meds which i grew addicted to. Kratom has saved my life.
Jody Harness USA
chris allard united states
This is a natural Plant that doesn't kill people like some of the research chemicals that are being outlawed. People have used Kratom safely for thousands of years. Much safer than any of the pharmaceuticals the FDA approves.
Mac Stewart United States
This is the best pain relief fro back pain that I have experienced...I am so glad to be able to cut back on my harmful prescription med. Please let people control their own health.
Erika Michelle Espinoza USA
Allen Kanter United States
Kratom saved my life, I was addicted to legal and cheap opium made from poppy seeds. Having got off opiates with suboxone in the past, I knew i never again wanted to feel that pain coming off that. Kratom is cheaper+much easier to get off. Keep it legal!
Robert Gordon USA
Kratom has saved my life; along with many of my friends'. It is better and cheaper than methadone and highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to get clean.
Lance C. US
Laura Bracken US
Martin Hill Canada
Chad M Binter USA
Outlawing something doesn't make it go away, it just forces it underground. Why a government would wish to turn millions of law abiding citizen into criminals overnight simply on a whim should be bothersome to all. Keep this all natural plant LEGAL!
freakk guru italy
government cannot just make a plant illegal : it's stupid, plants are safer than lab medicines
Bradley Wachtel usa
I use to take 20 Advils a day sometimes more so I did researc h and found kratom when using kratom my cronic pain is released and I stopped taking advil that kills your liver I have never had bad side effects while using kratom
justin taylor United States
Dawn Yunker USA
Danny Spies U.S.A.
I hope this useful, non threatening plant remains legal, cause I'm in no position monetary wise to pay for any pharmaceutical drugs to help with my back pain ( arthritis ). Thanks

Danny Oren Spies
Jonathan Paul Rasch USA
A Wise Addicts Testimony:

I have had a history of polysubstance abuse since I was 13 years old, beginning with marijuana and graduating to harder drugs such as MDMA and Methamphetamine. As I have grown wiser, my desire to abuse these drugs declined as my desire to succeed grew. While I was easily able to quit the harder drugs, I began to turn to narcotics during the day and alcohol at night. I used the narcotics to self medicate sypmtoms of fatigue and depression, and a love hate relationship developed. I loved the narcotics because they helped me function, and I hated them because my quality of life diminished when I was not. I turned to a low dose of methadone in an attempt to curb my dependence, yet my dependence grew.
Kratom has literally saved my life. I do not get high from Kratom; not by my definition of high anyway. Aside from Kratom eliminating any withrawel symptoms entirely, it has become a substitute for almost every substance I ever have had a desire to abuse. While my meth days have been over for years, I often had the desire to use adderall to aid me in my college studies. Kratom is now my study aid, and even use it in luei of caffiene. For someone with high blood pressure, it is a healthy alternative to caffiene for me because kratom does not effect my blood pressure.
Furthermore, I have noticed that I do not have a desire to drink alcohol either. The sense of clarity and well being I attain from Kratom use is satisfying to me that I do not wish to alter that by clouding my mind with alcohol.
Kratom does not make me high, it helps me to feel normal. For the past 17 years I have always felt anything but normal, and tears come to my eyes as I can testify that not only do I feel normal but I love the feeling.
Furthermore, I have never suffered any withdrawel symptoms from Kratom, and I have found the psychological benefits I attain while using Kratom have remained present even in periods of Kratom abstinence.
I have heard it said that Kratom is not a miracle cure, but it has performed miracles for me.
Daniela Shehu Italia
John Crosky USA
Kratom has done wonders for my depression when drugs have done little. There is no reason. Absolutely NO reason for outlawing this plant. The FDA and the legal system are completely off their rockers.
John Crosky USA
Deusz Sage United States
After a year if taking the meds doctors were giving me, which put me in the hospital many times themselves, I found Kratom in which I can go a week without. Had I tried that with the pills the doctors gave me I'd have grand mals. Kratom saved me from pain
Jonathan Estes  
Kratom has helped many people get their lives back from pain and other ailments. For some it's the only thing that helps, and the only thing some can afford. The benefits FAR out weight any negatives, and the negatives are few and minor.
Ashley Smith  
Duane Ray Irvin United States
kratom is not being used by junkies. they dont shoot it up they dont snort it most dont like it because they cant abuse it like the pills they get from the pain clinics and at the end of the day when they are sick seems to be good enough i love kratom
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