We, the undersigned, believe that mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom) is an immensely beneficial herb for health and wellbeing and that its use should not be restricted.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012 13:38:08 BST
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Gabriel Pernas united states
Kratom is a gentle plant that has help me stop taking psycoactive drugs for my depresion. Please do not ban it without fully reasearching it.
josiah moss United States
We need alternatives from prescriptions with bad side effects.
Judge Jorgensen USA
Kratom should not only be legal, but should be used by Doctors, herbologists and all sorts of those in the medical field.
William s cobb  
Jewel M.Poole United States
Rexanne Henricksen USA
I have had twelve serious surgeries, the first when I was only 26. I have been given every drug imaginable. When my insurance ran out and I could not psy BIG PHARMO I had to turn to illegal drugs. I am taking Kratom now. When it works I'll let you know!!
Jack Welsh USA
Anyone who would consider banning Kratom should spend at least a few minutes to learn from all of the people who's quality of life is being greatly improved because of this safe, natural, organic plant that improves their health and relieves chronic pain.
Juan Castro USA
Matthew Hiatt USA
Making kratom illegal will only guarantee more prisoners, ruined lives and absolutely no drop in the use of the plant, it just ensures that drug cartels will have one more thing to make a dollar.
keith seebeck usa
After years of pain meds for a neck injury, this herb has helped me immensely. One of Gods great gifts to mankind and man is the threat as always.
Monica moore USA
Jason Prime USA
Any law prohibiting the free use of kratom would be unjust to the overwhelmingly responsible users who consume it for legitimate reasons.
Eric Ivanoff United States
Please keep this plant free and available for those who can't afford expensive pharmaceuticals from big money drug companies.
Mike Press USA
it works
Alexander Merle  
Kevin Dungee USA
Sara Block United States
It is one natural remedy that I feel is safer than other alternatives.
Jeremy Stein United States
The whole herb is a boon for all sorts of symptoms without causing anymore side effects than some over the counter drugs.
Nicholas Hochmeister  
Spencer William United States
Please do not ban Kratom, It has been a life changer for me. Since I have Aspergers, which is part of the Autism spectrum disorder, Kratom has saved my life. I can finally go to school without having a anxiety attack.
john lynn united states
Please do not make this very natural benificial herb illegal. I have been using Kratom for pain with great sucess, since Oxycodone and other script pain meds have done nothing but make me sick.
Please support the people and not big pharma.
Adam Charles Davis United Kingdom
its great
Tony Young USA
It is a very beneficial herb with medicinal properties that have no side effects or health hazards.
Jarvon Peterson USA
Megan Jean Rhodes USA
Meredith DiBattista United States
Taylor Beck USA
Hank Schwartz USA
Amazing and wonderful plant, a far better alternative then what big Pharma offers for stress, depression, insomnia, and mild pain. it truely is a miracle.
Christopher Pace usa
Please protect this amazing plant!
Steven Mills United States
Kratom is no doubt, a more favorable option than opiate/opioid pain-killers. Please, do not deny so many people a chance to be free - just because a few people abuse their freedoms. Please listen to the people that know this plant well.
Luis Galvan usa
Christina Wallau Switzerland
keep all natural substances legal
Matthew Baumann Canada
Kratom is a sacred herb and those who use it always research it first.
Patrick Studdert USA
Noah Scheuerman United States
Tim Howell USA
Krtaom has helped resolve pain issues that doctors would only perscribe narcotics for. It has allowed me to stay productive without having to rely on narcotics and all of the side effects that come along with them.
Trevor Lang USA
Dustin Zilbauer USA
Heather Flowers United States
Laurie Pierson United States
Please please keep this wonderful gift of nature legal.
Kevin Shields United States
Leah Perrins UK
Kratom helped me withdraw from opiates. I also use it for pain relief instead of turning back to opiates. Banning Kratom without research is ignorant & stupid. Authorities should not take away our rights to self medicate whilst causing no harm to others.
Gary simon jaye United kingdom
I use it for depression and it lifts me.It is very beneficial.i would hate for it to be banned.
Brian Tanski United States
Alexander DeArmon USA
Much healthier than pills
joepeeer usa
if its any good @ all the man come take it away .
Collin William Townsend United States
It is outrageous to even consider outlawing such a beneficial and helpful herb. I will not stand for this.
Ross Brennan United Kingdom
To ban Kratom would be to the detriment of many people suffering from chronic pain, depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and many other conditions. It offers a better quality of life without many of the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs.
Jennifer Hardiman USA
This is my very favorite herb to study. It is a gentle and helpful plant, deserving the highest respect and regard. Please do what you can to stop misinformation from spreading and to keep all parts of it legal for adults. Thank you.
Vladimir Lithuania
Kratom is so much safer than its pharmaceutical counterparts. God gave humans the plants, not pills.
James Salazar United States
nicholas hart United States
Kratom has helped me with both pain and depression. I used it to detox off real drugs since its non habit forming. I even used it instead of vicodin when i was injured at work and needed an easier route to deal with the pain.
eric ian weinfeld U.S.A
Christopher Dooley United States
Please don't take away this herbal alternative to Big Pharm's toxic meds for pain and depression.
david ray lazuck United States of America
Evgeniy Korrino Ukraine
don't ban Kratom!
Justin Acklin United States
steven scoggins United States
This Natural plant is a god given product of the earth, and it as well as all other natural occuring plants ,herbs and trees, seeds etc, should not be banned, criminalized, or hindered only to be regulated and monetized by the governments of the us,and th
Dylan Shaw United States
Please don't ban this great plant that helps so many with chronic pain and depression
Jennifer Rust United States
Kratom, along with all other natural herbs, are a gift from Mother Earth. None should be restricted.
klinton wilson USA
please do your research before you band this wonderful tree that helps my pain. pud med says it has many good effects on immunity and much more. it's not going to hurt your liver like meds. i broke my back and i tell you the truth, it helps, i get hungry
howard wilson USA
it takes my sinuses and cold away on the days i need it and gives a little more boost with coffee in the morning and helps live better and more happy with my feeble old body.
Russell Waldie United States
This herb has helped me reduced the amount of insulin that I use to take. Is an extremely beneficial and safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Have taken for two years and my health has improved more than anything prescribed by a doctor.
Luke VanRooyen United States
It's so much better for chronic pain than anything else on the market. Opiod pain meds work, but the withdrawals from them are not worth it. Kratom does not have these, which makes it much more beneficial.
Jan A. Moss United States
Joel Davis USA
Svyatoslav Bugryn U.S
Greg Dye USA
Jamie gage USA
Kratom has helped my so much in life.
Dominic Smith UK
Kratom is just a ancient leaf. No legitimate reason for it to be banned or associated with other illegal drugs.
Susan Lizotte USA
I suffer from chronic pain. Kratom has been a life saver. No other OTC pain medication has ever helped! Please don't take it away.
Brian Foster usa
It's really funny how now that big pharmaceutical is interested in developing the active alkaloid in kratom into a possible alternative pain killer for market its safety and legality are being called into question.
Matthew Briles USA
I have been able to subside my chronic back pain with Kratom and able to stay off the hard stuff of narcotics. Please don't ban!!!!
Terrance Urquhart canada
Cameron Roy Canada
Freedoms are stolen from the people everyday all over the world. I really hope kratom won't be one of them. The goal of governent agenices is to make people slaves, which they are doing. At least let people keep the kratom so they won't be so miserbale doing it...
Devin Lor United States
The best, safe, non-addictive and non-toxic painkiller! Helps me with my back pain. Making kratom illegal will only make people lean towards more dangerous painkillers.
Michael Grant USA
kayt vigil USA
Kratom has kept my physical pain and depression at bay for the last year. If I don't have it, I experience NO withdrawl symptoms
whatsoever. This proves that it does NOT share the same addictive and harmful qualities that pharmaceutical opiates have!
Dan Malinowski USA
Kratom is a very useful herb, and is great for natural pain relief. Its abuse potential limited, especially when compared with most opiod pain relievers.
THERESA M Nichols United States
I have chronic pain due to RA in most of my joints, as well as fibrmyala
jordan peterson usa
Kratom is a safe viable alternative to both pain killers and sleep aids. Banning will only lead to more chemically derived medications that will hurt us and our children in the long run.
Ken Morman US
Christopher Nelson Carter United States
Luanne Pruesner US
jason paradise united states of America
Jesse Austin United States
I am a graduate student with a 4.0 average, and I benefit from having Kratom when I need it. It would be a great disservice to many Americans who rely on the beneficial effects of kratom to allow any legislation against it.
Nick Bunce-Herring United States
Alice F. McNair U.S.A.
Nick K United States
Kratom has many amazing medicinal qualities, natural alternative to dangerous addictive painkillers and it should not be banned!
Denise Hanley United States
Please stop big pharma from taking yet another natural substance off the market!
Jason Earl Ludwig USA
Steven Porter United States
Kratom is a savior for people with pain who don't want to destroy their liver with tylenol or become addicted to opiates. Just because some people chose to use it irresponsibly does NOT mean that everyone should lose the right to make their own choice.
Stefan Salomonsson Sweden
chris contreras united states
kratom should stay legal. it is a natural plant that has helped me in many different ways! it is safer than many perscription medicines and has made me into a more positive person.
David Justin Davis United States
There's disgusting things on the market that are legal and this is not one of them.
William D. Gable USA
Relaxing alternative to over the counter sleeping pill's.
michele martinez U.S.A.
It seems to help increase energy levels which is lacking with fibromyalgia.
Peter Hollingshead USA
I love kratom. I'm a mechanic, and nothing gets rid of my aches and pains like kratom. Kratom is one of the last natural alternatives to pain relief. I smell the stench of big Pharma around here...
John Adcox United States
Jesse Rodgers united states
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